BlazBlue: Central Fiction ‘Mai Natsume’ Introduction Trailer

19 September 2016
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BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Arc System Works has released a new trailer for BlazBlue: Central Fiction introducing new playable character Mai Natsume.

Watch the BlazBlue: Central Fiction ‘Mai Natsume’ Trailer:

Mai is one of several new playable characters debuting in BlazBlue: Central Fiction. Others include Hibiki Kohaku, Naoto Kurogane, Nine the Phantom, Hades Izanami, and Es (from XBlaze). Mai will be available as downloadable content on October 27 in Japan for 800 yen.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction is due out for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on October 6 in Japan, this holiday in North America, and Q4 2016 in Europe


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