ReCore Walkthrough

Mission 16: Brood Hive

Let’s visit the Brood Hive.

Mission 17: The Warren

Going to The Warren.

Mission 18: Ascend The Tower (Victor Boss Fight)

Take the Prismatic Core to the top of the E-Tower. Get ready for the boss battle with Victor, the evil Master of Far Eden.

Note: Make sure you have collected 25 Prismatic Cores to unlock the next floor in the E-Tower.

Mission 19: Eden Tower

Going to the top of Eden Tower!

Note: You have to complete around 90% of all the dungeons & challenges in the game (takes over 4 hours) to get the 47 Prysmatic Cores required to get access to the last two floors (Floor 4 & 5) of Eden Tower, to be able to finish the game.

Mission 20: Victor Reborn Final Boss Fight & Ending

Get ready for the final boss battle against Victor Reborn atop Eden Tower. To save Far Eden, Victor must be destroyed. Help Joule save mankind!

The End.

“ReCore: The Movie”

Sit back and enjoy the whole of ReCore, told without any of the Core grinding.

Thanks to Microsoft Studios, Comcept, XboxOn, SwaggersGaming, Oldschool & Nick for the walkthrough videos.

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