ReCore Walkthrough

Mission 11: Heart of the Matter

Boss fight with Bolt Cutter, the Core Foundry overlord, who’s trying to stop you from going to the tower.
Find out how to beat him in the “Bolt Cutter Boss Fight” section on this page. Good luck extracting its core!

Mission 12: The Cradle (Find Corebot Seth)

Nick will take over with voice-over tips and tricks.
Visiting The Cradle and finding your Seth-Bot buddy.

How to Switch Between Corebots: Tap the left shoulder button (LB) to switch from Mack to Seth, etc. Switch between your Corebots as much as you like.

Mission 13: Core Foundry

Find the big ring in a big room in Core Foundry to scan the Prismatic Core.

Mission 14: Good To Go (Bolt Cutter Boss Fight)

Restart the Analyzer with the 2 Power Cores, so you’re good to go. Next, locate the Tram for your departure to Eden Tower. — Of course the Bolt Cutter boss will try and stop you, so you’ll have to extract its Prismatic Core!

Mission 15: Exclusion Zone (Find Corebot Duncan)

Visiting The Cradle and finding your Duncan-Bot buddy. Then use him to break the rocks blocking the gate. After that, head through the Exclusion Zone’s shifting sands to Eden Tower.

ReCore Walkthrough continues on Page 4 with Mission 16: Brood Hive