Hyrule Warriors: Legends ‘Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks’ DLC Available

2 September 2016
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Hyrule Warriors: Legends Logo

The third downloadable content pack for Hyrule Warriors Legends, the “Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Pack,” will be available today via in the in-game Extras menu, Nintendo announced. It will cost $6.99.

Watch the Hyrule Warriors Legends DLC Pack 3 Trailer:

Here’s Hyrule Warriors: Legends ‘Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks’ DLC renders gallery. Click on any of these image thumbnails to see the full-size screens:

The pack includes Toon Zelda heads for battle, a new Adventure Mode map, a new weapon for Toon Link called the “Sand Wand,” and 15 new My Fairy costume pieces.


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