Fallout 4: Nuka World How To Start

Find out in Fallout 4: Nuka World how to start the new DLC! Let’s get you started with a quick visual guide first, followed by a written out starter guide with all the requirements and waypoints to Nuka-World.

This video guide shows how to access the new Nuka World DLC for Fallout 4:

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Fallout 4: Nuka World How To Start

Here’s how to start The Fallout 4: Nuka World DLC:

The Fallout 4: Nuka-World DLC is the biggest Fallout 4 DLC pack to date and the final part of the Fallout 4 Season Pass. The theme park itself is a huge area, but first you’ll have to find your way to a mono-rail station and run a gauntlet set up by raiders. Be warned, this is some high level stuff! You’ll need to be level 30 to start it.

Step #1: First make sure Fallout 4 is updated to the latest version (version 1.7 as of this writing). Then when you download the “Fallout 4: Nuka World” DLC, know that after it’s downloaded and you start the game, it sometimes takes a little while for the DLC to show up in the game. You can confirm the version number when viewing Settings from the Main Menu.

Step #2: This new DLC becomes accessible only if you load a saved game where you play with a character of level 30 or higher (level requirement). With your level 30 (or above) character, tune into Nuka-Cola Family Radio and keep listening to start the “All Aboard” quest.

Step #3: The “All Aboard” quest waypoint is now available as a “Nuka-World Transit Center” marker on the far left / west side of your map, near the “Fort Hagen Satellite Array”, “Lonely Chapel” & “Federal Ration Stockpile”. Now you can make your way outside of the original playable area to the “Nuka-World Transit Center” there to start the DLC.

Step #4: At the “Nuka-World Transit Center” you’ll be ambushed by gunners that you must take out, then talk to Harvey that faker. He’ll let you know you can activate the Monorail Controls to enter the Nuka-World DLC area!

Video Credits: Outsidexbox

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