Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Walkthrough

Mission 6: Taking Care of Business

Mission 6 Description: “Before I could bring Smiley the evidence I recovered from Ruzicka Station, Miller called with a new lead. One he claims is going to put me inside the Utulek Complex, Prague’s Aug ghetto. There’s just a few things I need to take care of before I leave.”

Adam returns to TF29, meets with the team doctor, and teams up with a member of the Juggernaut Collective to reveal new information.

Side Mission 4: The Calibrator

Side Mission 4 Description: “Vaclav Koller thinks he can work out the remaining bugs in my aug system with something called a neuroplasticity calibrator. Only one problem: the calibrator is in the hands of a Dvali gangster named Otar Botkoveli.”

Adam tries to help Koller get an implant that can manage his experimental augs, which is held by the number 2 boss of the Dvali crime family.

Side Mission 5: Samizdat

Side Mission 5 Description: “Peter Chang – our cybercrime specialist – says local hacker’s been digging into Praha Dovoz, the Task Force’s front company. If someone’s out there trying to compromise TF29, it could undermine my own attempts to get answers.”

Part 2 of Side Mission 5: Adam follows up on a lead from Peter Chang about hackers trying to pry open the secret of TF29’s front company. In order to keep the conspiracy nuts quiet, Adam agrees to break into Palisade bank to find dirt on Picus Media.

Jensen’s Stories 1: Desperate Measures

Jensen’s Stories 1 Description: “Terrorists blew up Ruzicka train station yesterday, killing dozens. T29 is investigating, but the only lead we have came from some Intellicam footage that’s been mysteriously corrupted. Something bigger is going on, and I”m working with TF29’s cyber security specialist, Peter Change, to investigate it.”

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