Mr Robot Video Game Walkthrough

Part 16: Darlene’s Tech Support Solutions

Part 16 Description: Finally Darlene got back to us about the Upsilon slow scan, quickly take this opportunity to interrupt her while she’s messaging you, to ask her for help with the tech guy! Make sure you tell her to hold on and stick around as you relay her explanation to Henry Cohen, that poor excuse of a tech support.

Part 17: Elliot’s Server Exploit Update

Part 17 Description: Since Tech Support at the Data Center is taking forever to get there (getting lost and going off-shift in the process) Elliot gets in touch again to ask what’s taking so long to get him those access keys.

Part 18: Henry Cohen’s Sleeping On The Job

Part 18 Description: Another intermission section, where we briefly chat with the friends group, Darlene & Elliot to say the tech guy is still sleeping on the job the next morning.

[Work-In-Progress: More chapters coming as soon as they are available]

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