Mr Robot Video Game Walkthrough

Part 11: Lois Berry Administrator Promotion

Part 11 Description: Talk to Daniel Blank to get Lois Berry’s account an Administrator promotion. All this to get access to the E-Corp download server. Also, stay tuned for a blocked caller that sounds like Mr. Robot!

Part 12: Daniel Blank Blackmailing

Part 12 Description: In part #2 of getting Lois Berry Admin privileges, we need to double-down on the Daniel Blank blackmailing to convince him to do it.

Part 13: Elliot’s Server Exploit Request

Part 13 Description: After some random spam messages, we got contacted again by Elliot who wants Darlene to install a server exploit. Time to contact a new number for the AD Data Center IT.

Part 14: Data Center IT Henry Cohen

Part 14 Description: The AD Data Center IT refers us to Henry Cohen from tech support at the facility. Trick him into installing the Server Exploit as a patch. — But the conclusion is delayed, because we can’t walk him through the patch upload until Daniel Blank unblocks us or Darlene gets back to us.

Part 15: Revealing The Truth To Ethan Blank

Part 15 Description: This is an intermission section. Since blackmailing Daniel Blank didn’t work, it’s time to reveal the ugly truth about his dad to the son Ethan Blank via his dad’s work phone. This to show Daniel Blank we’re serious and to further the plot. This is done as we wait to complete the Server Exploit patch upload at the Data Center (where Henry Cohen is still on-hold).

Mr Robot Video Game Walkthrough continues on Page 4 with Part 16: Darlene’s Tech Support Solutions.