Mr Robot Video Game Walkthrough

Part 6: Steel Mountain Login Credentials

Part 6 Description: Up next, Darlene needs our help. Time to outsmart a couple of people to get login credentials for a Steel Mountain employee called Lois Berry.

Part 7: Steel Mountain Login Credentials (Mission Part #2)

Part 7 Description: This is the second part of the mission to get Lois Berry’s login credentials.

Part 8: Darlene Returns

Part 8 Description: Later on, Darlene returns after our successful mission.

Part 9: The Calm Before The Elliot Storm

Part 9 Description: Elliot texts us again to warm he needs our (actually Darla’s) help soon.

Part 10: Darlene Tell All

Part 10 Description: After texting with Elliot about the upcoming “storm”, Darlene will contact you again, this time make sure you ask her to tell you everything about getting into E-Corp’s closed system. She also explains what the deal is with Karen’s annoying chat group, turns out it was Karen’s phone before Darlene hacked it (and you later found it).

Mr Robot Video Game Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Part 11: Lois Berry Administrator Promotion.