No Man’s Sky: How To Walk Faster

Here you can find out in No Man’s Sky how to walk faster, way way faster than sprinting! This page will show you how to move faster and use the Jetpack Dash to get around super fast on foot without having to jump in your ship every time you want to get somewhere.

This video guide shows how to move 4 times faster than sprinting in No Man’s Sky:

How to move super fast on the ground in No Man’s Sky?:

Method 1: The Jetpack Dash can be done when you’re running by holding down R3 (press down on the right analogue stick of your PS4 controller) and simultaneously hit R1 to melee and hold down the X jump button at the same time. If done correctly, you’ll fly forward much faster than normal walking, running or jetpacking. This so-called Sprint/Bunny Hop or Jetpack Dash boosts you forward at four times the speed of sprinting! – It’s perfect for faster exploration of the planets and of course to avoid death from angered Sentinels or aggressive animals.

Method 2: The Jetpack Climb can be performed when you reach a steep hill / cliff, then you need hold down the jetpack flying button while walking forward at the same time, and then the jetpack will help you climb vertically. This uphill speed boost never runs out, unlike airborne jetpack jumps.

Method 3: Lastly, the Fast Underwater Movement can be done when you’re underwater and hold the X jump button to climb faster, yet it doesn’t use any jetpack fuel. – The real trick to swimming faster is to activate the jetpack to propel yourself out of the water. Then while you’re hovering a fair distance above the water, release the jetpack button / key and look down. After dropping back into the water, look towards the direction you want to move towards and you’ll continue to swim at the same speed as your jetpack. Surface for oxygen when needed and repeat.

I hope this tip helps you get around faster and escape the dangers of these strange alien worlds.

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