No Man’s Sky: How To Upgrade Inventory Space

Here you can find out for No Man’s Sky how to upgrade Inventory Space! This page will show you how to increase your Inventory Space with Exosuit, Starship & Multi-Tool Upgrades for more Suit, Ship & Weapon Inventory Slots. If your Inventory is filled and deleting resources is not an option, make sure you follow these tips to adding Inventory Slots in No Man’s Sky on PS4 & PC.

How to Upgrade your Inventory Space in No Man’s Sky:

Here’s how to increase the inventory slots in your suit, ship & weapon:

Suit Slots are pretty straightforward, to find new slots just use Bypass Chips to bypass Signal Scanners that search for shelters among the green points of interests on planets, this will sometimes guide you to Drop Pods when you select shelter from the list of options and you have a chance to find an exosuit capacity upgrade; Inside each Drop Pod you’ll have the option to buy a new Exo Suit Slot Upgrade. – You can find more exosuit capacity upgrades at space stations if you have the Atlas Pass and can open the locked doors. – These are great ways to upgrade your exosuit capacity fast.

Ship Slots is a simple concept, to upgrade our ship storage simply buy or find a bigger ship. You can buy spaceships at spacestations or some planet-side ports. Finding a ship is a little more work and requires a Bypass Chip using a hacked signal scanner to find transmissions that will sometimes lead you to observatories or other facilities on the ground that challenge you with simple mathematical code sequences and solving these puzzles unveils a hidden marker on your hud that often leads you to crashed ship distress signals, while some crash sites contain treasures while other have a full-blown abandoned starship ready for you to reclaim, but you’ll have to gather enough spare Heridium, Iron, Zink & Plutonium to repair it for lift-off (but until you repair the warp drive you’re still system bound, so it’s best to not claim a ship until you know the recipes for warp cells & antimatter, unless you like being stuck in a starsystem).

Weapon Slots‘ Upgrades require you to search for & buy weapons at orange-colored weapon terminals you’ll sometimes see inside planet-side facilities or on spacestations.

Protip: Remember to do inventory stacking! It’s a handy tactic, since every Suit Slot can hold up to 250 of any resource. And every Ship Slot can hold up to 500 of any resource. New weapons often have many more slots in your base multi-tool.

I hope this tip helped you get all the Inventory Space you needed.

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