No Man’s Sky: How To Save

Find out in No Man’s Sky how to save & load your game to / from a savefile by choice. Of course when you complete objectives and/or turn off the game it auto-saves your progress, and you get to continue playing from there when you turn No Man’s Sky on again. But many people have been wondering how to load a different / older manual savegame?

To be specific, how do you “save” or “load” a game in No Man’s Sky?
The saving answer is: A new savefile gets created when you interact with the flags (save beacon machines) at bases inside planet-side buildings or you can find these save terminals on space stations.
The loading answer is: Once you’ve saved your game there, you can load / reload old saves through the game’s Pause Menu at any time!

Once you know what to do, easy does it. 🙂

I hope this tip helped you get started on your space adventure.

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