No Man’s Sky: How To Learn Words Easily

Here you can find out in No Man’s Sky how to learn Words easily and quickly! This page will show you how to get all Words that lets you fully understand the alien language in No Man’s Sky on PS4 & PC.

This video guide shows how to easily learn Words in No Man’s Sky:

How to get all Words in No Man’s Sky?:

In this fast Word-learning method you simply have to continuously talk to either a Gek or Korvax alien on the space station and they will repeat a pattern that allows you to essentially keep learning Words (and you also gain Carbon in the process each time you request isotope). However, this method does not work with the Vy’Keen alien race.
The only requirement is that you have enough Carbon to start a conversation with an alien (20 is required, but 200+ is recommended).

Keep interacting with the alien following this conversation pattern:
• First “Request fuel” or “Request isotope”,
• Then “Request new word”,
• Then “Request healing” or “Request shield recharge”,
• Then you get “Request new word” once more.
• And then you start this dialog tree over again. It doesn’t matter where your conversation starts, it will follow this pattern.

This results in you learning 3 words every 2 to 3 minutes!

Tip: It’s handy to know is that you don’t have to leave the alien’s sight after learning a few Words, you can keep interacting with him by holding the Square button on PS4 when facing him/her.

This method will help you to easily unlock these 3 Trophies / Achievements, which requires you to learn 150 Words:
• “Babel-17” (Bronze Trophy / Achievement) — Attain ‘Confused’ status in Words Collected.
• “The Languages of Pao” (Silver Trophy / Achievement) — Attain ‘Interpreter’ status in Words Collected.
• “Citizen of the Galaxy” (Gold Trophy / Achievement) — Attain ‘Babelfish’ status in Words Collected.

Note: Normally you can find No Man’s Sky Word locations by looking for Words written on the Knowledge Stones. These Knowledge Stones are found either at random on every planet or when you encounter the black/red Monoliths that always have 4 or 5 Knowledge Stones around them (plus each Monolith also has a Word of its own). The locations of the Monoliths can easily be found by getting the Bypass Chip gadget from an outpost. Plaques sometimes teach you a word as well.

I hope this tip helped you get all the Words you need to fully understand the game’s alien language.

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