This Is The Police Walkthrough

Part 11: “Lana Admits to being ***** by the Mayor”

Continue playing as gritty Police Chief Jack Boyd comes face to face with the ugly underbelly of Freeburg, including the Mayor.

Part 12: “How To Catch The Dentist Serial Killer”

How To Catch The Dentist Serial Killer: Here are the correct frames and the correct sequence…

• Correct Sequence = 1. Pizzaboy in yellow jacket (from the first case victim); 2. Nightstick; 3. Girl hands chained; 4. Gloves around her neck; 5. Sleeping mask. – So exactly like they pop up in that little sequence screen that’s how you put them up.

• Correct Frames =

1. Orange pizza outfit (with the saint circle above the pizza is logo on the back) and the evidence is picture of heaven (so go to place called heaven’s something).

2. Nightstick smashing the face and evidence is a little police car toy (picture of Goddess feeding cattle from a big horn, place called Aurora or something like that, maybe some other Goddess from mythology I can’t remember).

3. Chained cuffs and the evidence is a religious book with little chains on the cover (picture of a 2 guys burying a woman, so you need to go to the Funeral something).

4. This is the trick frame where you have a picture of a family and I guessed only when I saw and read all places where you can go, and that’s something like Wooden Horse or something like that, because on the picture there’s a small wooden toy of a horse near one of the children. The trick on this frame is that you get see-through latex gloves (like medicine ones) and what you’ve learned from the mechanics to that point is that frame has to do something with the gloves, right? Right? And yes there are pair of black gloves around girls neck. VERY IMPORTANT But this is false. The trick is that it’s the wrong gloves showed and if you think logically you could see the reason of even wearing the gloves in the first place, it’s to prevent leaving fingerprints and/or DNA. That’s why the correct frame on that one is actually the wire/cord/rope so not the black gloves (or as someone says it looks like scarf) and not the collar spiky thing, it’s the rope/wire thing.

5. And at the end it’s blind folded girl with the drill and the evidence is a note saying something like: “You already know everything about me, enough to catch me, blah, blah blah… Look carefully.” (place is called something like Gorgon’s lair or something like that, because of the picture of Gorgon, you know turning you into stone when you look her directly in the eyes with the hair of snakes, yeah mythology thing).

Solution Credit: lov3masterns

Part 13: “The slow grind of life continues…”

Part 14: “How To Take Down the Sands Once and for All!”

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