The King of Fighters XIV ‘Ikari Warriors Team’ Gameplay Trailer

SNK has released the thirteenth in its series of “Team Gameplay” trailers for The King of Fighters XIV. This one introduces the Ikari Team.

Watch The King of Fighters XIV ‘Ikari Warriors Team’ Trailer:

The Ikari Team includes Ralf Jones, Clark Still, and Leona Heidern, detailed below via Atlus:

Colonel Ralf Jones – Nicknamed the One Man Army, who is no stranger to fighting. Although Ralf is a bit hotheaded, he is an exceptional leader who utilizes a dangerous mercenary combat style that focuses on deadly strikes. Oh, did we mention that he’s ripped a tank wide open with his bare hands? Yeah, he’s pretty dangerous.

Lieutenant Clark Still – Ralf Jones’ brother in arms, and a pretty dangerous dude too. Clark also trains in mercenary combat style, but he’s geared more towards wrapping his opponents up like a pretzel and slamming them. That being said, he’s calmer and more level-headed than Ralf and just as formidable.

Leona Heidern – The cold and professional operator Leona is the adopted daughter of Commander Heidern who uses a hybrid fighting style that combines martial arts with Heidern style assassination techniques. Although she is simply a soldier, she has the powerful blood of Orochi running through her veins and must keep her emotions in check to prevent bad things from happening. She’s not a total ice queen though, because Leona is very loyal to the Ikari Warriors and will fight to protect her friends.