Abzu Achievements Guide

The Abzu achievements guide lists every achievement for this PC diving sim game and tells you how to get and unlock them all.

In the Abzu achievement guide we’ll show there are 12 Achievements (4 Secret Achievements) to earn in the PC versions.

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Abzu Achievements Guide

1. Breach — Leap from the water.

Location: You can unlock this achievement at the beginning of the game’s Chapter 1.

Tip: All you have to do is swim down then hold the boost button and shoot up towards the top to breach the water.

2. Ballet — Perform a flip while riding a creature.

Location: This achievement can be unlocked as early as Chapter 1.

Tip: While you are riding any creature you will need to press circle to do a roll while on it. Once you’ve completed the roll the achievement will pop.

3. Jetstream — Burst 15 fish schools in the jetstream.

Location: This can be done in Chapter 2. The first stream has 11 schools while the second stream has 14.

Tip: You will get this during the second jetstream. While going through the jetstreams just run into the schools of fish to burst through them. Do this 15 times to get the achievement.

4. Food Chain — Witness predation while meditating.

Tip: Find a meditation statue and meditate on it. Once you are meditating you will be watching the fish swim around. You will have to stay in meditation until a fish eats another fish in order to obtain this achievement.

5. Ecosystem — Release fish from all the hidden pools.

Tip: To find all 20 hidden pools, check out our “Abzu Hidden Pools Locations Guide“.

6. Zen Master — Find all the meditation statues.

Tip: To find all 12 meditation statues, check out our “Abzu Meditation Statues Locations Guide“.

7. Reflection — Complete the adventure.

Tip: For a guide to complete all 7 chapters in the game, visit our “Abzu Walkthrough“.

8. Collector — Add all secret shells to your collection.

Tip: To find all 19 secret shells, including the one in the credits, check out our “Abzu Secret Sea Shells Locations GuideSecret Achievements:

9. Kraken — Discover those that lurk in the abyss.

Location: The giant squids can be found during the end of Chapter 4 or near the end of Chapter 7.

Tip: All you have to do is ride a giant squid in order to get this achievement.

10. Connection — Ride the Great White Shark.

Tip: All you have to do is near the end of the game ride the great white shark and then hold the boost button and shoot up towards the top to breach the water.

11. Leviathan — Breach the water on the back of a blue whale.

Tip: All you have to do is ride one of the big blue whales and then hold the boost button and shoot up towards the top to breach the water.

12. Arctic Explorer — Discover the polar region.

Location: The Arctic region can be found in Chapter 7.

Tip: This area is located near the end of the game during the area where you can ride the blue whales.

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