Dead Rising 4 Gameplay Reveals New Enemies and Weapons

28 July 2016
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Dead Rising 4 Key Art

A new behind the scenes video for Dead Rising 4 contains new gameplay footage, revealing new enemies and weapons.

Check Out the Dead Rising 4 Behind the Scenes Video:

Dead Rising 4 will star Frank West, the protagonist of the first game. It will also take place in the original setting of Willamette, Colo. during the height of the Christmas shopping season.

Joining the zombie hordes standard to the franchise are the Freshly Infected— rabid, hard-to-kill assailants distinguished by glowing red eyes. Evo are an even deadlier breed with a more robust strategic approach, dodging attacks and using cover to avoid the player.

Also coming to Dead Rising 4 are some outrageous weapons including medieval axes, a fireworks crossbow and a Triceratops head that shoots flames. According to studio director Joe Nickolls, “If you can pick it up, you can use it as a weapon.”

That also applies to objects stuck in the ground, thanks to the brand new military-grade exosuit. The exosuit gives Frank superhuman strength, allowing him to yank objects like parking meters out of concrete sidewalks and swing them around. Additions can also be made to the suit to build special improvised weapons like a Slurpee cannon that fires brightly colored ice tornadoes.

Dead Rising 4 is planned for release on Dec. 6 for Xbox One and Windows PC.



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