One Piece: Burning Blood Introduces 3 New Fan-Chosen DLC Characters

Last month, Bandai Namco opened user voting for three new playable characters to be added to One Piece: Burning Blood via paid downloadable content. Today, the company announced the results.

The following three characters have won and will launch as downloadable content in the coming months:

Rob Lucci – This powerful former member of the CP9 will join the fight. Take advantage of his Zoan Devil Fruit. Definitely a character you’d prefer to see in your team rather than the opponent’s!

Caesar Clown – The mad scientist that uses the fearsome powers of the logia Gas-Gas Fruit to take down the fiercest enemies!

Monkey D. Garp – Member of the Marine and grandfather of Luffy, he will bring his incredible strength in One Piece: Burning Blood!

One Piece: Burning Blood is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PS Vita, and is in development for PC.