Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Cheats

Looking for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE cheats on Wii U? Here we’ll list Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Atlus & Nintendo’s new Turn-based strategy RPG game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the Wii U title (where available).

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Cheats

Instant Party Healing

How To Heal Your Party?: In order to quickly heal your entire party in one go for cheap, go to the vending machine in Fortuna.

Over there it only costs 160 Yen to heal everyone.

Increase Your Survival Odds

How To Vastly Increase Your Odds of Survival?: Atlus-developed Shin Megami Tensei games are known to be tough-as-nails, so it’s no surprise Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is too. That’s why you should know that for fans of this series the first rule is to save as much as possible!

To prevent yourself from having to replay an entire chapter if the endboss takes you down, you should rotate your saves. To be exact, always have one save file prior to entering a dungeon and a second save file inside the dungeon.

Unlockable DLC in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

What type of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE DLC exists?: Expand the game with downloadable content (DLC), so you can keep the fun going!

At launch 5 paid DLC Packs are available for free in the physical Special Edition at retail, or you can get them in digital form separately from the Nintendo eShop on your device at a price of $10 / €10 for all of them.

• 1 Tokyo Millennium Collection DLC

Includes three character costumes:
Maid (Eleonora), X-Nurse (Kiria), and Santa Outfit (Tsubasa)
Note: Sadly outside of Japan the 3 hot spring bikini costumes were removed from this pack.

• 1 Costume Set DLC

Includes four character costumes from Atlus games:
Etrian Odyssey III Costume (Kiria), Persona Q Costume (Tsubasa), SMT IV Costume (Touya), Devil Survivor 2 Costume (Itsuki)

• 3 Hunter Quest DLC Packs (Available separately or in the Hunter Support Quest DLC Pack)

– EXPedition Hunter: A quest that gives experience and items. (This grinding challenge dungeon will help you level up faster to level 99 and master your weapons; It’s ideal if you’re playing on Hard or Lunatic difficulty, want to battle post-game bosses, or if you’re planning on doing multiple playthroughs.)
– Masterful Hunter: A quest that builds up skills and related items.
– Savage Hunter: A quest that pits you against powerful “Savage” enemies. Defeat them for a special item.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Tips and Tricks

Nintendo dig deep into the latest RPG developed by Atlus on E3 2016’s Treehouse Live livestream. Members of the Nintendo Localization team (Kindra Nikole, Audrey Drake & Aaryck Smiff) playing the game will give background info on the new title, as well as gameplay tips and tricks as they show early sections of the game for half an hour.


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