Trials of the Blood Dragon Walkthrough

18 June 2016
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Trials of the Blood Dragon Walkthrough

Level 11: Booby Trap

Booby Trap is the eleventh track featured in the game, it has an Indiana Jones vibe. Most of the time on this run was taken on the shortcuts using the bike, but being fast while walking also helps.

• You have the Holy Grail!
• The Guardian cannot let you leave with it. Escape before he kills you!

Level 12: Sweat-Shopping

Sweat-Shopping is the twelfth track featured in the game, which is a tough speedrunner track. Memorize the position of your foes, accelerate, and keep your momentum to get your A+ score.

• Blood Dragons’ blood has been weaponized by the damn Communists.
• Shut down the production facility.

Level 13: R&D

Research & Development is the thirteenth track featured in the game. Do you know what’s cool? Lasers. And you have to dodge a lot of them in this level. Memorizing the patron of the lasers is the top priority, since you don’t have to shoot anything on this level.

• Communists are testing and probing Blood Dragons for something useful.
• The facility must be obliterated before they do.
• The facility is teeming with chemicals. Do NOT fire a bullet.

Level 14: Double Escape

Double Escape is the fourteenth track featured in the game. Memorize the position of enemies and always be on the run. On the helicopter part you can be seen, as long as you immediately get to cover.

• You’ve encountered the bad guy!
• Escape, survive, and tell the story.

Endings Tip: To find all 5 secret keys that lead to the secret ending & unlock the Intensive Military Training levels, check out our Trials of the Blood Dragon Secrets Locations Guide. — After finding lthe 5 secret keys, all you need to do is replay the finale level called “Final Reckoning” to watch the alternate Epilogue ending, which will play after the original ending and credits.

[Work-In-Progress: More levels coming as soon as they are available]

Thanks to Ubisoft & TravaX_2 for the walkthrough videos.

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