Trials of the Blood Dragon Walkthrough

18 June 2016
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Trials of the Blood Dragon Walkthrough

Level 6: Death Wish

Death Wish is the sixth track featured in the game. The music and level design is a throwback to the Hotline Miami 2 game, which also has a level named Death Wish with the same music. This level is all about memorizing the position of the enemies and don’t stop walking, since the bike parts are easy.

• Clean up the Cali Cartel HQ floor by floor.
• Rig the building with explosives.
• Leave no man standing.

Level 7: Consequences

This is the seventh level featured in the game. Memorize the segments and plan ahead to avoid getting confused with riding on the wall.

• The explosions have released TurboCrank’s vapors.
• You’re tripping! Get out and save yourself.

Level 8: Open Sesame

Open Sesame is the eighth track featured in the game. This track reminds me of classic trials tracks, since it’s all abour riding and keeping your momentum throughout the track.

• You have found the location of the Grail Temple.
• Make your way to the entrance!
• Beware of the ancient Guardian.

Level 9: Ancient Riddles

Ancient Riddles is the ninth track featured in the game. The grappling hook is awkward at first because it ignores the laws of physic, but so does the track with all the turning and such. Try to know where the bike is going to land when the track is turning.

• The Grail has never been so close! Continue your quest!
• Don’t get disoriented by the tricks of the Guardian!
• Use your grappling hook to survive.

Level 10: Cart Carnage

Cart Carnage is the tenth track featured in the game. The minecart is always accelerating, and when you need it to stay on track it flips over at random. So just have patience.

• The Holy Grail is within your grasp! Take it!
• Choose your path wisely…

Trials of the Blood Dragon Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Level 11: Booby Trap.


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