Resident Evil 7 Demo Walkthrough

The Resident Evil 7 Demo walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of the “Resident Evil 7 Teaser Demo: Beginning Hour” gameplay with strategy tips for this first-person survival-horror game on the PS4, Xbox One & PC; Although this Demo is exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers and it will NOT be part of the main RE7 game, it’s just to give you a feel for the intense and terrifying experience awaiting you.

Let’s start the Resident Evil 7 Demo walkthrough with the TAPE-1 “Desolation” intro video!

Please note that viewers must be at least 18 to watch, so no harm comes to those with innocent eyes. This game includes Violence, Horror, Blood and Gore, Language.

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Resident Evil 7 Demo Walkthrough

Demo Description:

“You wake up alone on the floor of an abandoned farmhouse. Daylight is quickly fading. You must find a way out.

A thrillingly immersive horror experience for the five senses. This full model change to the frightening ‘Isolated View’ player perspective, and photorealistic graphics of the cutting-edge RE Engine mark a new beginning for survival horror. Enter a terrifyingly new world of horror and survive.”

Key Game Features:

  • 1 player
  • Remote Play for PS Vita owners
  • 1080p HD Video Output

Short Playthrough

Welcome to the Resident Evil 7 Demo walkthrough!

Warning: Contains scenes of horror and violence. Content may not be suitable for children.

The game is set after the events of Resident Evil 6, taking place in modern day and revolving around a foreboding, derelict plantation mansion in rural America. Players must explore and survive the horrors within the mysterious, sprawling estate.

Long Playthrough

Tip: To get both endings of the RE7 Demo, please visit our “Resident Evil 7 Demo Endings Guide“.

Although the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Demo is intended as a 17-minute-short experience, this next video guide goes long to explore the house further.

Fear comes home again when Resident Evil 7: Biohazard releases on PlayStation 4 (full gameplay experience also available via the included PlayStation VR Mode), Xbox One, and PC on January 24, 2017.

Thanks to Capcom, Gamerzombie & Shirrako for the walkthrough videos.

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