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Looking for Kirby: Planet Robobot cheats on 3DS? Here we’ll list Kirby: Planet Robobot cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Nintendo’s new action platformer game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Kirby: Planet Robobot codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the 3DS title (where available).

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Kirby: Planet Robobot Cheats

Secret HAL Rooms

Like many Kirby games, Planet Robobot has 3 secret HAL rooms hidden away in the Story Mode that contain lots of collectibles and Copy Abilities.

• HAL Room #1: Can be found near the end of Stage 1-3, at the end of the secret room* with three 1-Ups. Fly up and right to the right-up corner of the screen and go right. You’ll reach a squarish pipe, which leads to the first HAL Room.

*To get into the secret room that leads to the secret HAL room, do the following… Before taking the warpstar out of the train, backtrack to one of the battery receptacles hidden in a small room. A 3D warpstar that wasn’t there before will be there when you come back. Take the 3D warpstar into the background, and enter a new door that is behind the sleeping Waddle Dee.

• HAL Room #2: Can be found at the end of the first area in Stage 6-1. It can be accessed by flying to the right-top corner and going into a hole in the second picture.

• HAL Room #3: Can be reached by waiting for 86 seconds (some say up to 5 minutes) in the last area, at the end of Stage 6-4.

Unlockable Amiibo Powers

When can you start using amiibo? From Stage 1-3 in Story Mode. – Tap in the new Kirby series amiibo and instantly unlock all-new Copy Abilities in-game in Kirby: Planet Robobot!

Hint: Only 10 amiibo can be scanned per Story Mode stage at a time, with each amiibo being scanned once per day.

Meta Knight Note: Scanning any amiibo when playing Meta Knightmare Returns Mode causes a food item to appear for Meta Knight.

Here’s a list of what amiibo give you what powers:

1. Robobot Amiibo Series’ Kirby: UFO (Exclusive); Custom-designed to be different from other amiibo.
2. Robobot Amiibo Series’ Meta Knight: Sword with Meta Knight themed costume; Custom-designed to be different from other amiibo.
3. Robobot Amiibo Series’ Dedede: Hammer with Dedede themed costume; Custom-designed to be different from other amiibo.
4. Robobot Amiibo Series’ Waddle Dee: Parasol with Bandana Dee themed costume; Custom-designed to be different from other amiibo.
5. Smash Kirby: Smash
6. Smash Dedede: Gives Kirby a yellow color scheme and the hammer ability.
7. Smash Meta Knight: Gives Kirby a Green color scheme and the sword ability.
8. Mario & Gold Mario & Silver Mario & 8-Bit Mario’s: Fire
9. Luigi: Fire
10. Peach: Parasol
11. Bowser & Skylander Bowser: Stone (not Fire)
12. Yoshi: Whip
13. Wario: Wheel
14. Donkey Kong & Skylander Donkey Kong: Fighter
15. Diddy Kong: Bomb
16. Rosalina: Ice
17. Bowser Jr: Bomb
18. Doctor Mario: Doctor
19. Toad: Leaf
20. Inklings: Poison
21. Link: Sword
22. Zelda: Mirror
23. Toon Link: Cutter
24. Ganondorf: Poison
25. Shiek: Ninja
26. Wolf Link & Midna: Random
27. Captain Falcon: Wheel
28. Samus: Bomb
29. Zero Suit Samus: Whip
30. Lucas: PSI
31. Ness: PSI
32. Fox: Jet
33. Falco: Jet
34. Sonic: Random
35. Pac Man: Random
36. Ryu: Random
37. Mega Man & Gold Mega Man: Random
38. Shovel Knight: Random
39. Pikachu: Spark
40. Greninja: Ninja
41. Mewtwo: PSI
42. Lucario: Fighter
43. Charizard: Fire
44. Jigglypuff: Mic
45. Shadow Mewtwo: Random
46. Marth: Sword
47. Ike: Sword
48. Roy: Sword
49. Lucina: Sword
50. Robin: Spark (Thoron-related)
51. Pit: Archer
52. Dark Pit: Archer
53. Palutena: Mirror
54. Little Mac: Fighter
55. Shulk: PSI
56. R.O.B. & Famicom R.O.B.: Beam
57. Mr. Game & Watch: Circus
58. Duck Hunt: Archer
59. Pikmin & Olimar: Leaf
60. Wii Fit Trainer: Doctor
61. Chibi-Robo: Spark
62. Villager & Animal Crossing Amiibo & Animal Crossing Cards: Leaf
63. Miis: Will randomly give you either Fighter, Spark or Sword, regardless of which one you use.

Amiibo Tour in Kirby: Planet Robobot to see which characters provide what powers:

Kirby: Planet Robobot Tips and Tricks

Kirby’s peaceful planet now has a threatening mechanized twist in this exciting gameplay tips and tricks overview for Kirby: Planet Robobot. Rise up and get ready to kick some bot.

• 27 Different Abilities @ 0:53
• Team Kirby Clash @ 2:33
• Kirby 3D Rumble @ 3:20
• Amiibo Functionality @ 4:12

Up next, Nintendo’s Kit & Krysta play Story Mode and there are a few other modes covered in detail too, like Kirby 3D Rumble and Team Kirby Clash.

There are no other Kirby: Planet Robobot cheats on 3DS yet. So until more are discovered, we made the handy Kirby: Planet Robobot guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

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