Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Story Trailer

Nintendo has released a new trailer for its Atlus-developed Wii U RPG Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE introducing the game’s story.

Check Out the Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Story Trailer:

Here’s a full overview of the story, via the game’s official website:

Two worlds. One heroic destiny

Once there was a group of young people who had no idea of the awesome powers they possessed. Meanwhile, in another dimension, a collection of heroes had lost all purpose and sense of themselves. Now, that’s all about to change…

In Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, a unique RPG for Wii U, budding stars of the stage and screen from Tokyo team up with legendary warriors from the world of Fire Emblem against the forces of darkness.

Unlocked potential

Follow a group of would-be icons as they aim for the top in the entertainment industry, while also preventing spectre-like Mirages from invading our world. While a large number of Mirages are intent on destruction, the young heroes are able to partner with more noble Mirages and fight back, harnessing extraordinary abilities and stylish special moves to protect our world.

Explore Tokyo, including well-known areas such as Shibuya and Harajuku. On the journey to superstardom, take part in side stories that help the heroes achieve their personal goals, whether it’s to appear on a certain television show or set foot on stage. When you’re not chasing dreams, venture into the nightmarish dungeons of the Idolasphere to confront Mirages and get to the bottom of their mysterious invasion. There are all sorts of weird and not-so-wonderful obstacles around the Idolasphere, so stay on your toes at all times!

Fight for your rights

Take centre stage and face enemies in enchanting turn-based battles. Use an array of techniques to overcome any opponent, including show-stopping Ad-lib Performances and Duo Arts, where two stars collaborate to deal out damage! If you hit an enemy with a super effective attack, you might also launch into a Session – a combo that can feature attacks from all members of your party that’s sure to bring the house down!

Stay social

Whether you’re poking around in shops in Tokyo or delving deep into the Idolasphere, keep up to date with your allies via Topic, a social media stream accessible through the Wii U GamePad. Exchange messages with other characters to gain fresh insights, build friendships and maybe unlock side quests! You can also use the GamePad to check out maps while you’re wandering, or get more information on party members and enemies mid-battle.

Discover two worlds with one heroic destiny and reach your true star potential in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, only on Wii U.

Stage Invasion

In Tokyo, ordinary student Itsuki Aoi runs into his childhood friend Tsubasa Oribe. Ambitious Tsubasa is preparing to participate in a competition to become an idol singer, but as the competition begins, the stage is stormed by a swarm of sinister figures, who drag Tsubasa through an eerie portal.

Itsuki immediately jumps into action and, with the aid of some mysterious beings, he and Tsubasa are able to fight off the invaders. It’s revealed that their saviors, Chrom and Caeda, are heroes from another world and that the place they’re in is the Idolasphere – a dimension that bridges the gap between the two worlds.

Within the Idolasphere, the heroes take on spectral forms known as Mirages. While many Mirages are intent on waging war against our world, some prefer to team up with certain talented humans, becoming weapons for them to wield in battle. Mirages respond to Performa – the power of creativity and self-expression in the human heart – and the humans who can form bonds with Mirages to make use of their awesome powers are known as Mirage Masters. With the help of Mirages, they can take on foes that threaten the world.

Tipped for the Top

Secretly, the talent agency Fortuna Entertainment has been trying to prevent Mirages from invading our world. After learning of their experience in the Idolasphere, the agency enrolls the talents of the young heroes, whilst giving them a golden opportunity to achieve their dreams of stardom.

As they face Mirages, our young heroes will also follow their dreams as they try to become stars. They’re determined to sing, dance and act their way to the top, but the road to showbiz success is never a smooth one…

The Power of Performa

Both Mirages and Mirage Masters can use Performa as a source of power. The more creative someone is, the more Performa they have, and the young hopefuls trying to break into the world of show business burn particularly brightly. Evil Mirages are attacking humans, hoping to drain them of their Performa and take this precious energy back to their world. Just what are they planning to do with the stolen energy?