Overwatch: How To Level Up Fast Guide

Welcome to the “Overwatch: How To Level Up Fast Guide“. On this page we’ll show you a Experience Points Boost Guide, which explains how to get to Rank Level 100 fast in Overwatch in the PC, PS4 & Xbox One FPS game.

Use this hint guide to speed your way to Level 25-100 for starters:

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Level Up Tips:

Group Up with Friends: Earn a 20% EXP group bonus at the end of games.
500 XP Bonus for Winning: That’s a bonus 100 XP while in a group.
No Strings Attached: You are always earning XP by playing the game, at a rate of about 4 XP per second. And whether you win or lose, you always get 250 XP for staying to the end of a match.
Gold Medals Earn 150 XP: Get Gold Medals for doing the most damage, most kills, or most heals. Silver Medals still net you 100 XP, and even Bronze Medals get you 50 XP.
200 XP per Consecutive Match: Keep continually playing to get a bonus 200 XP.
1500 XP Bonus for First Win: Play every day and win every day to get a 1500 XP bonus. Get 500 XP every time for winning subsequent matches.
400 XP for Backfilling: Help the matchmaking help you get a 400 XP bonus.
Prestige System Hype: More Loot for me, more Loot for you.

Level Up Unlocks:

More Lootboxes: More Levels means more Lootboxes. 1 Lootbox per level earned. Lootboxes unlock
Ranked Play Fast Access: Get faster access to Ranked Play. Hitting Level 25 unlocks Competitive.
Bragging Rights: Be the first on our friends list to hit Level 100. Brag about it, you showoff.

Level Up Overview:

The character level is followed by the XP needed to level up.

• Level 1: 1,500 XP
• Level 2: 3,000 XP
• Level 3: 4,500 XP
• Level 4: 6,000 XP
• Level 5: 7,500 XP
• Level 6: 8,500 XP
• Level 7: 9,500 XP
• Level 8: 10,500 XP
• Level 9: 11,500 XP
• Level 10: 12,500 XP
• Level 11: 13,500 XP
• Level 12: 14,500 XP
• Level 13: 15,500 XP
• Level 14: 16,500 XP
• Level 15: 17,500 XP
• Level 16: 18,500 XP
• Level 17: 19,000 XP
• Level 18: 19,500 XP
• Level 19: 20,000 XP
• Level 20: 20,500 XP
• Level 21: 21,000 XP
• Level 22: 21,500 XP
• Level 23-100: 22,000 XP per Level

Reach the level cap faster with this Overwatch rank up guide. I hope these tips to level up fast helped you out. Fair warning, Blizzard may infinitely keep upping the max rank turning it into more of a status symbol (outside of the above-mentioned bonuses).

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Video Credit: WaRSPiRiTUK