DOOM 2016 Classic Maps Locations Guide

Welcome to the DOOM 2016 Classic Maps locations guide that shows where to find the switches / levers to open up the Classic DOOM map doors and how to unlock all 13 Classic Maps in DOOM 2016’s Classic Maps main menu. Valid for the PS4, Xbox One & PC versions of the new first-person shooter game.

The Timeline for all these in-game Classic Maps locations is listed below.

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DOOM 2016 Classic Maps

Tip: Each of the 13 missions in DOOM 2016 has a secret — a hidden switch / lever you must pull to open a nearby secret room door that you must enter — that then unlocks a classic DOOM map (confirmed by the on-screen “Extras Unlocked” message). As such, DOOM 2016 features 13 playable Classic Maps from Doom and Doom II. If you find & unlock one, it can be played in full by visiting the CLASSIC MAPS campaign missions menu selectable from the main menu.

Of course, by entering the newly opened secret door you get to see classic DOOM graphics (although with new enemies in the place of the old ones) and you get to play part of the map (sometimes only one room) from the original DOOMs; Whereas the unlocked Classic Map actually has the full map playable from the CLASSIC MAPS menu.

Note: These Classic Maps play exactly like the original DOOM 1 and 2 levels, pixelated graphics and all, but the Hell demons are of this generation.

Where to find all Classic Maps in DOOM 2016? The in-game collectibles locations for the Classic Maps are described in Brian’s detailed video guide with handy voice-over tips.

The Classic Maps are listed in this step-by-step video, in the order that they appear chronologically from A) finding the switch/lever to B) going into the newly opened Classic DOOM Map area.

Timeline in minutes for the Classic Maps Locations Guide:

• [00:00] — Classic Map Location #1: “Doom II – Entryway” in Mission 1: The UAC.
• [01:35] — Classic Map Location #2: “Doom – Hangar” in Mission 2: Resource Operations.
• [02:26] — Classic Map Location #3: “Doom – Nuclear Plant” in Mission 3: Foundry.
• [03:03] — Classic Map Location #4: “Doom – Toxin Refinery” in Mission 4: Argent Facility.
• [03:48] — Classic Map Location #5: “Doom – Halls of the Damned” in Mission 5: Argent Energy Tower.
• [05:09] — Classic Map Location #6: “Doom – Slough of Despair” in Mission 6: Kadingir Sanctum.
• [06:00] — Classic Map Location #7: “Doom II – Underhalls” in Mission 7: Argent Facility (Destroyed).
• [06:40] — Classic Map Location #8: “Doom – Phobos Lab” in Mission 8: Advanced Research Complex.
• [07:51] — Classic Map Location #9: “Doom – Tower of Babel” in Mission 9: Lazarus Tanks.
• [08:23] — Classic Map Location #10: “Doom – Phobos Anomaly” in Mission 10: Titan’s Realm.
• [09:09] — Classic Map Location #11: “Doom – House of Pain” in Mission 11: The Necropolis.
• [09:55] — Classic Map Location #12: “Doom – Command Control” in Mission 12: VEGA Central Processing.
• [10:43] — Classic Map Location #13: “Doom – Pandemonium” in Mission 13: Argent D’Nur.

There you go! All Classic Maps in DOOM 2016 are yours! 🙂

Fun Fact: When you die in a Classic DOOM map, take a look at your player character lying on the ground to see the original DOOM’s pixelated character death-grin overlayed on his face! Nice retro touch. 😆

I hope these tips helped you get all of the Classic Maps hidden in the game.

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Huge thanks to Brian for the guide videos and tips.

Hope you enjoy the DOOM 2016 Classic Maps location tips. – Thanks for visiting!