DOOM 2016 Easter Eggs

Let’s take a look at some funny DOOM 2016 easter eggs! They can be found if you know where to look! 🙂

Easter eggs have been confirmed for DOOM 2016. Watch footage of them all below.

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DOOM 2016 Easter Eggs

Classic DOOM Level Easter Eggs

Each of the 13 missions in DOOM 2016 has a secret — a hidden lever you must pull to open a nearby secret door you can enter — that unlocks a classic DOOM map. If you find & unlock one, it can be played in full by visiting the CLASSIC MAPS missions menu selectable from the main menu.

Of course, by entering the newly opened secret door you get to see classic DOOM graphics (although with new enemies in the place of the old ones) and you get to play part of the map (sometimes only one room) from the original DOOM; Whereas the unlocked classic map actually has the full map playable from the CLASSIC MAPS menu.

Video guide to unlock Classic DOOM Map #1 in “Mission 1: The UAC”:

Note: The rest of the locations to find Classic DOOM Maps #2-13 are coming soon. – A general tip is to not always follow the obvious path through a mission, as being observant can lead to finding secrets.

Fun Fact: When you die in a Classic DOOM map, take a look at your player character lying on the ground to see the original DOOM’s pixelated character death-grin overlayed on his face! Nice retro touch. 😆

Terminator 2 Movie Easter Egg

During the story Campaign Mode’s early missions “Mission 3: Meltdown” you come across a Foundry facility with lava flowing everywhere. If you jump into the lava and stay there until you die, you get to see a Terminator 2 movie reference from the scene when the T-800 Terminator dies in lava and gives a thumbsup, as the DOOM Marine Guy will do exactly the same in-game!

Take a look at the Terminator 2 dying animation easter egg in action:

Demon Destruction Mini-Game Easter Egg

Play the story Campaign Mode up to “Mission 9: Lazarus” where you visit Lazarus Labs. During the mission you can find a mini-game in the room that has the crypt the player character is found in (we’ll call him DOOM Marine Guy). On the left hand side of this stone crypt, you need to interact with the computer for the “Time Well Spent” challenge of this mission to start, classic DOOM music included. It plays like Candycrush, but with demons!

Video guide that finds the Demon Destruction location in “Mission 9: Lazarus”:

Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 Mini-Game Easter Egg

There’s another mini-game to be found in the campaign. Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 returns! Play the story Campaign Mode up to “Mission 9: Lazarus” where you’re on your way from the Weapons Division (advanced research complex) to visit the Lazarus Labs facility elevator. During the mission right after you come from outside and go inside via the Lazarus Labs facility elevator. As you exit that elevator you can find the mini-game right in front of you, it’s in the MIXON hallway that has grey storage blocks stacked up in the corner, jump over them to find an arcade cabinet with the game hiding behind them (in the very corner of the hallway).

Video guide that finds the Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 location in “Mission 9: Lazarus”:

Commander Keen Easter Egg

This is just a reference to Commander Keen. You can find a skull on a stick (or is that his spine?) in the game’s Campaign Mode that has Commander Keen’s helmet on (except this helmet reads “DOOM” on the yellow side). Seems he’s been eaten by a giant demon who’s skeletal jaw is around him.

Video guide that finds Commander Keen’s skeleton location in the chaingun cave:

Dopefish Easter Egg

This is just a reference to Dopefish. You can find the Dopefish logos on the sides of lockers and on Chinese food boxes around the UAC facility work desks.


Discoveries made by IGN, P4nsilyer, Harry94 & Grizwords.

Have you found any DOOM 2016 easter eggs?