DOOM 2016 Walkthrough

12 May 2016
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DOOM 2016 Walkthrough

Mission 11: The Necropolis & Hell Guards Boss Fight

You fought your way through Hell and found the Titan’s Core – a portal that gets you one step closer to the Crucible and defeating the forces of Hell for good. You must crush the Crucible guardians and retrieve what is yours.
Objectives: Reclaim the Crucible. – Reclaim the Crucible from its tomb.

Hell Guards Boss Battle Strategy Tips: The Hell Guards are the second boss in DOOM 2016.

• The first phase, you are fighting one of them. He’ll mainly use melee attacks, but he’ll have a few different attacks where he uses fire. Keep moving, and attacking after he does an attack. His shield makes it so you can’t damage him until after he has just attacked.

• In the second phase, you’ll fight two of them. Use the same tactics as the first one. This time however, neither of them have shields. Just be careful as they like to spin around and use lots of melee attacks. It’s important to be on the move constantly.

This video guide shows how to beat the Hell Guards boss fight:

Mission 12: I Am VEGA (VEGA Central Processing)

You reclaimed the Crucible and are returning to Mars. You must close The Well, the power source of the Hell portal on Mars, to do this you will have to make one last Hell-jump. Samuel has a plan to send you back to The Well’s location, he will need your assistance to carry it out.

Objectives: Close The Well. – Turn off the 2 security switches. Destroy the 4 cooling coils. Gain access to VEGA main security terminal at the VEGA Central Processing unit.

Mission 13: The Well (Argent D’Nur), Spider Mastermind Final Boss Fight & Ending

By destroying VEGA, you’ve created a portal directly into the heart of Hell. Now you must find your way to the source of the UAC’s power known as The Well. The Crucible will allow you to absorb and contain the energy of The Well for good.

Objectives: Close The Well. – Access The Well Cathedral. Lay the 3 wraith’s souls to rest. Find the exit Portal. Defeat Olivia Pierce.

Spider Mastermind Boss Battle Strategy Tips: The Spider Mastermind is the final boss in the game.

She is a fairly tough boss fight, even on normal. Her laser beam attacks are very difficult to avoid (however, it is similar to the Cyberdemon where you jump and crouch). Her brain is the weak point. Using shotguns does a lot of damage, but she will swing her arms at you when you do this and that causes a lot of damage.

When she throws bombs, stop shooting. Just focus on avoiding them.
When she poisons the floor, its important to get up on the pillars. While she is doing this, you can hit her with plenty of hits off while she is poisoning the place.
She will fire a beam at you after this, be very careful to avoid this as it does a ton of damage.

This video guide shows how to beat the Spider Mastermind boss fight:

The End.

Thanks to Bethesda Softworks, GamesBoiler, Aces & Harry94 for the walkthrough videos.

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