DOOM 2016 Walkthrough

12 May 2016
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DOOM 2016 Walkthrough

Mission 6: Into the Fire (Kadingir Sanctum)

Fight. Like. Hell. Get ready for more relentless combat, terrifying demons, and badass guns!
Objectives: Get back to Mars. – Find the exit Portal marked by the UAC. Acquire the Yellow Skull and the Blue Skull to open the door.

Mission 7: Hell on Mars (Destroyed Argent Facility)

The Argent Tower is destroyed, the portal can no longer be closed from Mars’ side. The Hell energy flows from a location in Hell called The Well. It’s up to you to find a way.

Objectives: Go to the Lazarus Facility. Go to the Security Station. Go to the Advanced Research Complex.

Mission 8: A Brighter Tomorrow (Advanced Research Complex)

You have the location to Olivia’s private offices inside the Lazarus Complex, where the initial invasion began. You must first traverse through the Advanced Research Complex in order to gain access to the entrance of Lazarus. Use the tools you find along the way.

After talking to the Doctor Samuel Hayden 3/4ths through the level, he hints at your affinity for guns getting rewarded on his next mission for you… As you explore the weapons facility, you’ll find Dr. Peter’s corpse to use for accessing the ARC facility section called “BFG Lab Prime” where it is in development. Unfortunately the facility’s A.I. isn’t so easily fooled and detects you’re not him, causing laser defense to appear. Taking out the laser beams’ power sources (with rockets) on the underside of their moving platform will make the lasers crash into the tablet below to reveal the BFG-9000! Finally the Big Fucking Gun is back in your hands! 😀

Objectives: Go to the Lazarus Facility. – Access the Lazarus Elevator. Get past the Laser Security System. Meet Samuel Hayden at his office.

Mission 9: Lazarus (Lazarus Tanks) & Cyberdemon Boss Fight

You are at the heart of the UAC occult – the Lazarus Labs. This is where Olivia released the demons from their cells and activated the Lazarus Wave, turning UAC personnel into unwilling Possessed. You’re in search of her private offices where the Helix Stone is stored. Unlock the secrets of this sacred artifact to find out how to shut down The Well – the Argent Tower’s energy source in Hell.

Objectives: Find and access the Helix Stone in Olivia’s private archival lab. Shut down the Portal*.
*You accomplish this by ripping out the Argent Accumulator powering the Cyberdemon, destabilizing the core, which will cause a rift that will send you back to Hell. Once the Crucible is in your possession, Samuel Hayden will pull you out again.

Cyberdemon Boss Battle Strategy Tips: The Cyberdemon is the first boss you fight in DOOM 2016.

• The fight has two phases, the first phase he has few attacks and will mainly use his gun and missile barrage. He will occasionally charge but it is easy to avoid.

• The second phase however, it gets a little harder. He will seal you in a stone corridor and do an attack that you have to jump / crouch to avoid it. His other attacks will be similar to the first phase. The key to this fight is to keep moving at all times, don’t stop. The super shotgun is very good for this fight.

This video guide shows how to beat the Cyberdemon boss fight:

Mission 10: Titan’s Realm

In the libraries of the Lazarus Labs, you learned of an artifact that can sever the connection between our two worlds known as the Crucible. If you can retrieve the Crucible, you can use it to close The Well and shut down the Argent Tower permanently from inside Hell.

Objectives: Reclaim the Crucible. – Pass through the Titan’s Core.

DOOM 2016 Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Mission 11: The Necropolis.


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