Uncharted 4 Cairns Locations Guide

Welcome to the Uncharted 4 Cairns locations guide that helps you find the total of 16 Cairns locations in the PS4 action-adventure platformer game.

Finding all 16 Cairn locations and picking them up will help unlock the following Trophy:
* “Not a Cairn in the World” (Bronze Trophy) — Knock over all rock cairns in Madagascar.

The overview for all these in-game Cairns locations is listed below.

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Uncharted 4 Cairns

Tip: Can be done in “Chapter 10: The Twelve Towers”. Look for the 16 stacked, stone piles (called rock Cairns) along the path. Knock them down by driving them over with the jeep.

Note: The purpose of the Cairns are to guide you on the path you’re suppose to take in this chapter.

Missable: At certain points in the chapter you cannot turn back. This means you must knock over the rock piles in the correct order to succeed in getting them all. You cannot drive back from the last Cairn to the first, meaning that if you missed one you’ll have to select “Replay Chapter” from the pause menu to try again.

Where to find all Cairns in Uncharted 4? The in-game collectibles locations for the Cairns are described in this detailed video guide with Brian’s voice-over tips as well as a map!

The Cairns are listed in the step-by-step video, in the order that they appear chronologically.

Cairns Locations Guide Overview:

• Cairn Location #1 – The very first Cairn is in front of where you start.

• Cairn Location #2 – In the bigger area shortly after the start (area with waterfall on the left).

• Cairn Location #3 – Same area as previous cairn, but at the end of the area (where you drive up the mud).

• Cairn Location #4 – After driving up the mud, before the wooden bridge on the left.

• Cairn Location #5 – After crossing the wooden bridge on the left.

• Cairn Location #6 – Shortly after passing the bridge you drive up a muddy hill. After that you come to a new area with a small river and you must drive up a large rock. On the rock is a cairn.

• Cairn Location #7 – After driving up the second rock on the right (same area as previous cairn).

• Cairn Location #8 – You’ll drive down a muddy hill and see some ruins in front of you. Before the ruins on the left is a cairn.

• Cairn Location #9 – After the last cairn you jump down a little rock and come to a relatively small circular area. At the end of this area is a cairn.

• Cairn Location #10 – In the area after destroying a wooden bridge with the winch. When Sully talks about Nadine.

• Cairn Location #11 – In the very large area on your way to the beacon. It’s at the start of that area, after you see some trucks driving away in the distance.

• Cairn Location #12 – Same area as before, further up the hill

• Cairn Location #13 – Same area as before, on the hill on the left side with the man-made sculptures.

• Cairn Location #14 – Same area as before, near the top of the hill (but before the beacon). This is the best hidden one, it’s standing in some tall grass. Hard to see. It’s just before making a right turn to the hilltop with the beacon. To the left of it is a path that leads to a village with enemies.

• Cairn Location #15 – On the hilltop where the beacon is located. In front of the beacon.

• Cairn Location #16 – After the second beacon / tower, on the right side of a cliff. You’ll drive past it, hard to miss this last Cairn.

There you go! All Cairns in Uncharted 4 are yours! 🙂

I hope these tips helped you get all of the Cairns hidden in the game.

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