Battleborn Achievements Guide

The Battleborn achievements guide lists every achievement for this Xbox One & PC FPS-MOBA game and tells you how to get and unlock them all.

In the Battleborn achievement guide we’ll show there are 50 Achievements (1 Secret Achievement) with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points to earn in the Xbox One and PC versions.

Index of Battleborn Guides:

Battleborn Achievements Guide

1. Battleborn (50G) — Reach Command Rank 100 and earn the Battleborn title.

Tip: We made a hints guide that explains in Battleborn: How To Level Up Fast.

2. No Rest for the Wicked (100G) — Win 30 Story missions or Versus matches.

3. Solus War Hardcore Hero (50G) — Complete all Story missions on Hardcore.

4. Solus War Hero Advanced (50G) — Complete all Story missions on Advanced difficulty.

5. Tour of Duty (50G) — Win a match on each Versus map.

6. Commander and Collector (100G) — Play at least one match or mission with all 25 Battleborn.

Tip: Find out how to unlock all 25 playable Battleborn Heroes in our “How To Unlock All Battleborn Characters” guide.

7. Sir Hon. Lord Baron Oscar Mike Jr IV, Esq. (50G) — Collect 25 Titles from completing Challenges.

8. First Among Heroes (50G) — Complete a match or mission and reach rank 15 with a Battleborn.

9. Perfectionist (25G) — Complete a Story mission without losing any Lives.

This video guide shows how to finish The Renegade level to unlock the trophy.

10. The Ol’ One-Two (25G) — Get 5 double kills.

11. Behold My Death Lasers and Despair (25G) — Activate a piece of Legendary Gear.

Tip: To unlock a Hero character’s unique Legendary Gear you must complete all his/her’s Lore Challenges, as listed in our “Battleborn: How To Get Legendary Gear Weapons Guide” for each character.

12. Solus Sentinel (30G) — Achieve a Gold rating on any Story mission.

This video guide shows how to finish The Experiment level to unlock the trophy.

13. Gotta Punch ’em All (10G) — Land the killing blow on each Battleborn at least once.

14. Decked Out (10G) — Activate three pieces of Epic or better Gear in a single mission or match.

15. Grow Forth and Conquer (10G) — Activate a mutation in a match.

16. New Guy, Everybody. Everybody, New Guy. (10G) — Complete a challenge that unlocks a Battleborn.

Tip: Go to a Battleborn character’s Command screen in the console or PC versions of Battleborn to check out their unlock requirements. – The various Challenges you can do to unlock them are listed in the Main Menu’s Career tab.

17. When You Roll Up With the Squad Like (10G) — Enter matchmaking with a full team of 5 players.

18. The Blossom’s Fury (10G) — Complete all Thorn lore challenges.

19. Brotherhood of the Mikes (10G) — Complete all Oscar Mike lore challenges.

20. Keeper of the Blades (10G) — Complete all Rath lore challenges.

21. Titanium Dandy (10G) — Complete all Marquis lore challenges.

22. Acres and Eras (10G) — Complete all Miko lore challenges.

23. It’s My Only Name, Chief (10G) — Complete all Montana lore challenges.

24. Rise of the Valkyrie (10G) — Complete all Reyna lore challenges.

25. Champion of the Pits (10G) — Complete all Caldarius lore challenges.

26. Love and Fire, Death and Kisses (10G) — Complete all Orendi lore challenges.

27. Elegance in Engineering (10G) — Complete all Phoebe lore challenges.

28. Flyboy (10G) — Complete all Benedict lore challenges.

29. The Bears and the Beers (10G) — Complete all Boldur lore challenges.

30. Priestess of the Sustaining Mother (10G) — Complete all Ambra lore challenges.

31. Hate Furnace at Maximum! 🙂 (10G) — Complete all ISIC lore challenges.

32. Me ‘n’ My Monster (10G) — Complete all Shayne & Aurox lore challenges.

33. The Wraith of Bliss (10G) — Complete all Galilea lore challenges.

34. Civil Ice (10G) — Complete all Kelvin lore challenges.

35. Anarchy Rules (10G) — Complete all Attikus lore challenges.

36. The Once and Future Champ (10G) — Complete all El Dragón lore challenges.

37. Anxious, Angry, and Adorable (10G) — Complete all Toby lore challenges.

38. The Captain (10G) — Complete all Ghalt lore challenges.

39. Lost Little Eldrid (10G) — Complete all Mellka lore challenges.

40. The Spymistress (10G) — Complete all Deande lore challenges.

41. The Curmudgeon (10G) — Complete all Kleese lore challenges.

42. The Mike Who Lived (10G) — Complete all Whiskey Foxtrot lore challenges.

Note: Finish all below story-related Achievements by playing through Story Mode using our “Battleborn Walkthrough“.

43. A Booming Business (10G) — Complete The Saboteur on any difficulty.

44. Desperate Measurements (10G) — Complete The Experiment on any difficulty.

45. Divide by Zero Hour (10G) — Complete The Algorithm on any difficulty.

46. Mister Wolf’s Wild Ride (10G) — Complete The Void’s Edge on any difficulty.

47. Shock the Trooper (10G) — Complete The Renegade on any difficulty.

48. Remnants of Codex (10G) — Complete The Archive on any difficulty.

49. Traps and Treasure (10G) — Complete The Sentinel on any difficulty.

Secret Achievement:

50. A Tyrant Undone (25G) — Defeat Rendain.


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