Battleborn: How To Level Up Fast Guide

3 May 2016
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Battleborn: How To Level Up Fast Guide

Welcome to the “Battleborn: How To Level Up Fast Guide“. On this page we’ll show you a Experience Points Boost Guide, which explains how to get to Command Rank Level 100 fast in Battleborn in the PC, PS4 & Xbox One FPS FPS-MOBA game.

Use this hint guide to speed your way to Level 100 for starters; Begins at 5:44 minutes into this video:

Command Rank persists across all modes and all characters played. Every Competitive match (excluding bots) and Story episode grants XP towards your player Command Rank. Rising through the ranks will unlock characters, new Gear options, titles, and more – all the way to Command Rank 100.

Index of Battleborn Guides:

Level Up Tips:

Complete all Story Operations: Grinding Story Mode on Advanced or Hardcore difficulty levels you up faster than playing Versus Mode. – At the same time as you level up your player character’s Command Rank, you unlock new character abilities as you play, you’ll also unlock all playable characters once you reach Command Rank 40.

Battle bots in Incursion Multiplayer Mode: Start an Incursion playlist in Multiplayer Mode playing as Kleese to automatically attack bots by setting up Energy Rifts. With this ability Kleese opens up an Energy Rift that restores friendly Shields and deals damage to enemies. – Whenever a 5-wave of Minions arrives the Energy Rift will take them out and award you 20 to 60 XP each time! You can use this mode to farm XP.

Battle bots in Versus Private Mode: Taking out bots in a Versus Private playlist, same as above, but this might take some more time depending on the playlist.

Paid XP Boosts: There has been a rumor Gearbox in the future may offer players the option to pay for XP Boosters. This would allow you to earn XP 2 times as fast for a period of time (like 3 to 4 hours long).

Reach the level cap fast with this Battleborn rank up guide. I hope these tips to level up fast helped you out.

Please check out our other “How To” guides atop this page to enjoy Battleborn more! 😀

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