Star Fox Zero Secret Exits Locations Guide

Welcome to the Star Fox Zero Secret Exits locations guide that shows how to find all alternate routes / paths in Star Fox Zero for the Wii U shooter game.

The Timeline for all 12 in-game Star Fox Zero hidden paths locations is listed below.

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Star Fox Zero Secret Exits

Tip: The main story revolves around 8 missions, and you can finish the game with just those 8 locations. But there are 12 more missions! Want to know how to find every secret mission and hidden branching path in Star Fox Zero? We show where to find them all here…

Where to find all Secret Exits in Star Fox Zero? The in-game path locations for the Secret Exits are described in this detailed video guide.

The Secret Exits are listed in the step-by-step video, in the order that they appear chronologically.

Timeline in minutes for the Secret Exits Locations Guide:

• [0:28] — Secret Exit #1 on Corneria (portal appears after completing Sector Beta, push the switch with the new Walker & then rescue the Cornerian ship) to get to Aquarosa.

• [0:48] — Secret Exit #2 on Area 3 (appears after completing Aquarosa) to get to Satellite Mission 1.

• [0:48] — Secret Exit #3 on Zoness (appears after completing Aquarosa a second time) to get to Satellite Mission 2.

• [1:04] — Secret Exit #4 on Area 3’s Satellite Mission 1 (completing it) to get to Asteroid Field.

• [1:12] — Secret Exit #5 on Sector Beta (waiting for Star Wolf to shoot down Peppy) to get to Titania.

• [1:25] — Secret Exit #6 on Titania (completing it) to get to Sector Gamma.

• [1:25] — Secret Exit #7 on Titania & then Sector Gamma (completing both) to get to Fichina.

• [1:31] — Secret Exit #8 on Titania (you can enter Titania’s portal after completing Fichina) to get to Salvadora.

• [1:48] — Secret Exit #9 on Sector Beta (prevent Star Wolf from shooting down Peppy) to get to Fortuna.

• [2:03] — Secret Exit #10 on Sector Alpha (lock on to Pigma) to get to Wolfen.

• [2:03] — Secret Exit #11 on Wolfen (completing it) to get to Great Fox.

• [2:20] — Secret Exit #12 on Fortuna (lock on to Wolf) to get to Hunter!

There you go! All Secret Exits in Star Fox Zero are yours to find! 🙂

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