Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Eclipse Achievements Guide

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Eclipse achievements guide lists every achievement for this Xbox One & PC first-person shooter game DLC #2 and tells you how to get and unlock them all.

In the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Eclipse achievement guide we’ll show there are 10 Achievements (1 Secret) with a total of 250 Gamerscore points to earn in the Xbox One and PC versions.

Index of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Eclipse Guides:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Eclipse Achievements Guide

1. Sanguine Serum (30G) — In Zetsubou No Shima, drink fresh Widow’s Wine.

Requirement & Location: First you must get the KT-4 (see how in the “Crop Duster” section below). Then fire the KT-4 at the web on the far left side of the map (near the blue water pool). The KT-4 is the only thing in the game that will make the web go away.
Behind this web is a cave with a big spider boss. Shoot the spider in its mouth until it dies. Then go further down into the cave and you will see some purple water you can drink from – that’s the fresh Widow’s Wine. Upon drinking it the achievement unlocks and you also get a Widow’s Wine Perk-a-Cola.

Note: Please be aware that can only carry 4 perks at a time. So if you already have 4 perks you cannot interact with it.

2. Herbal Remedy (20G) — In Zetsubou No Shima, use a plant to return to life.

How To Revive Yourself With A Plant: In multiplayer (not solo) plant a seed in one of the Bunker’s human-plant research lab empty ground spots. Then every single Round water the seed (recommended with blue water, but maybe any color water will work) as well as afterwards shoot the seed with a charged KT-4 shot. Keep doing this until a seed appears (totally at random) and the seed becomes illuminated at the top with the water color… Which means it’s ready to let you imprint on it with a press of the action button when you stand next to it, at which point the seed will grow into a DNA Pod with a copy of your body growing inside of it.

This means that the next time you get downed and a teammate doesn’t revive you on time, you die and instantly get reborn from the DNA Pod!

3. The Ultimate Sacrifice (30G) — In Zetsubou No Shima, retrieve the Skull of Nan Sapwe.

How To Unlock The Nan Sapwe Skull: In this section we explain how to get the Skull of Nan Sapwe Specialist Weapon. You must do these steps in the given order. You cannot skip a step!

• Step 1: The Skull of Nan Sapwe can be obtained in both Solo and Co-op with any number of players. It is easier to pull this off in the earlier rounds, and before you start make sure you’ve opened pretty much every door on the map to make traveling easier.
• Step 2: The 4 skulls you’re looking for are all on the same circular stone effigy plate. – Put the 4 skulls on the 4 altars, making sure that the green symbol below from where you pick the skull up from matches the altar’s symbol. But note that these altar symbols change with every game you play.
• Step 3: The altar locations are found at the: Spawn area, Plane wreckage area near Lab A, Bunker lower level testing area, and Docks area you can only reach through the Bunker power room’s two doors. – Every time you place a matching skull on an altar, extra zombies will run in to attack the altar. Protect each of the 4 altars from the zombies as you progress.
• Step 4: After you’re done protecting each altar from the zombies that rush at it, make sure whoever placed the skull on the altar picks it up again to bring it back to the exact spot on the circular stone effigy plate where you originally got the skull from. If done correctly, every time you do this the skull will sink into place and its eyes will start glowing blue.
• Step 5: The Skull of Nan Sapwe is now unlocked under the circular stone effigy plate. To reach it you must go down through the newly opened entrance next to the stone plate, which leads to a blue-lit room with the Skull of Nan Sapwe weapon in the middle. To finally get it, you need to activate the skull and beat the Keeper enemies that attack you to feed their souls to the skull. Once you’ve fed it enough souls (is done automatic as you kill them), the Skull of Nan Sapwe weapon can be picked up by standing in front of it and holding the Square button on PlayStation 4 / X button on Xbox One. — Activate this special ability weapon by pressing on the left & right top shoulder bumper/buttons at the same time, then use the left & right triggers to freeze & explode nearby enemies you look at.

4. Crop Duster (20G) — In Zetsubou No Shima, kill 10 zombies with a single shot of the KT-4.

How To Unlock The KT-4: In this section we explain how to get the KT-4 Wonder Weapon. You must do these steps in the given order. You cannot skip a step!

• Step 1: To build the KT-4 you must find its 3 Parts and put them together at a workbench. Their locations are as follows:

– Where to find Part 1?: Where you turn on the power there’s a cage you can lower down. This only works after turning on the power (bring irradiated water in a bucket to start the generator). Lure a spider into this cage and bring the cage back up. Some blood will be drained from the spider which counts as a part for this weapon.
– Where to find Part 2?: Inside the bunker open the door in the middle and go down to the lab. There’s another door at the side you can open and swim down a cave. At the very bottom there’s an aquatic plant you must pick up. Shoot the yellow bubbles on the walls to replenish oxygen. Be quick or you’ll drown!
– Where to find Part 3?: This one is randomly dropped by a zombie sometime between round 7-12 after permanently turning on the power in the bunker. The zombie with the item will be glowing green, but it’s hard to see. He drops the item when you kill him. Interact with it to pick it up.

• Step 2: Now that you have all Parts you can build the KT-4 in the lab of the Bunker (corner of the room).

• Step 3: To get the achievement for killing 10 zombies at once with a single shot of the KT-4, you’ll want to have a lot of zombies running after you (in a non-spiders Round). Just run in circles and stay in one area. Then charge up an acid shot by holding down RT on your controller and shoot on the floor. This will create a pool of acid and the zombies get killed when they walk through it. The acid stays there for a few seconds.
Make sure to only fire one charged acid shot, if you fire multiple shots it might not count.

5. Iron Lung (20G) — In Zetsubou No Shima, stay underwater for one minute.

Location: At the center of the map in the Bunker there’s a lab with a flooded tunnel. There are 3 spores on the walls of this flooded tunnel. You can use a spore to regain air underwater.

Tips: Shoot the 3 orange/brown-glowy spore balloons on the sides of the underwater corridors and swim into the air bubbles that appear after it explodes to refill your air.

To be exact, you always have 15 seconds worth of oxygen in your lungs. You get an extra 45 seconds from the 3 underwater spores. After 10 seconds your character takes deep breaths. After 3 deep breaths wait just half a second longer (before the 4th breath) and then shoot the spores. You’ll be cutting it close, as at 4 deep breaths you die instantly (unless you bring Co-op mates or quick revive on Solo).

Note: Alternatively, you could look for the 3 Gas Mask pieces (1 in crashed plane area, 1 in zipline area outside bunker, 1 in area with green pool of irradiated water). The Gas Mask doubles the time you can stay underwater!

6. In the Belly of the Beast (20G) — In Zetsubou No Shima, survive getting consumed.

How To Survive Being Consumed by a Zombie: The mutated zombie with the yellow/orange plant-blobs on him can eat you alive! The mutated zombie first appears at the start of Round 4. Once you’ve been shot and are lying on the ground bleeding out in last-stand mode, and it walks past you, it can pick you up… After he’s eaten you, you’ll be alive but immovably stuck inside of him as he walks around. The only way to survive getting consumed like this is if your teammates shoot and kill the mutated zombie and then revive you!

Gameplay of this happening is shown at 12:30 minutes into this video guide:

7. Assault With Battery (20G) — In Zetsubou No Shima, electrocute a zombie with a shield.

A full guide showing you where to find all of the Zombie Shield Parts in Zetsubou No Shima and how to electrify it.

• Step 1: To build the Zombie Shield you must find its 3 Parts and put them together at a workbench (at each power generator). For example: You can craft a Zombie Shield at the Buildables Bench on Lab B’s first floor. Their locations are as follows:

– Where to find Part 1?: Left side power generator – check the walls where you can buy the Kuda weapon.
– Where to find Part 2?: Artillery in bunker – After entering the bunker open the first door on the right. There’s a small area with an artillery.
– Where to find Part 3?: Right side power generator – Usually at one of the trees in the area below the power generator room.

• Step 2: Now that you have all Parts you can build the Zombie Shield in the lab of the Bunker (corner of the room).

• Step 3: Complete the 3 challenges from the pillars by the circular skull altar. The pillar will be glowing yellow. When you walk up to it you can look at the glowing symbols and see your challenge requirements. The challenge are randomized and change with every playthrough! You could keep restarting the match until you get easy challenges that are plant related or want you to do trap kills are pretty easy.
After finishing your 3 random challenges return to the pillar and press the X button to get your 3 rewards. The rewards spawn on the altar with the skulls in front of you. Pick them all up. Now equip your shield and stand by the circular skull altar. If you’re standing there long enough, you’ll hear thunder soon followed by a lightning strike that will electrify your shield.

• Step 4: Finally, simply hit a zombie with the electrified shield and the achievement unlocks.

8. Web of Defeat (20G) — In Zetsubou No Shima, remove webs in every possible way in one game.

• Web Destroying Method #1: Normal Knife (Starting Weapon).
• Web Destroying Method #2: Frag Grenade (Starting Weapon).
• Web Destroying Method #3: XM-53 Rocket Launcher (Obtained randomly from Unwatered Plants or the Mystery Box).
• Web Destroying Method #4: Ray Gun (Obtained randomly from Mystery Box).
• Web Destroying Method #5: KT-4 Wonder Weapon (See how in the “Crop Duster” section above).
• Web Destroying Method #6: Widow’s Wine Grenade (Defeat spider boss after getting KT-4 or get it from the “Perkaholic” Mega Gobblegum).
• Web Destroying Method #7: Bowie Knife (Buy from a Wall for 3000 points).

9. One Too Many (20G) — In Zetsubou No Shima, throw up.

How To Throw Up: Firstly, turn on the power permanently. Secondly, to throw up you must have 4 perks and then eat a fruit from a plant. To get a fruit from a plant you must water the seed with blue, purple and green water. You have to water it once every round! It’s random what reward it will give you – it’s not always a fruit! The fruit gives you another perk. Because you can only carry 4 perks it will make you throw up instead of giving you the new perk.
To increase the odds of getting a fruit you should grow 3 plants at the same time.

• Step 1: Pick up Bucket.
• Step 2: Plant seeds (3 seeds to increase odds of getting fruit).
• Step 3: Water the seeds with BLUE irradiated water.
• Step 4: In the next round water the seeds with PURPLE irradiated water.
• Step 5: In the next round water the seeds with GREEN irradiated water.
• Step 6: Complete the round. Plants are now fully grown and should have fruit or a different pickup. Do NOT interact with the plants yet, since you need the 4 perks first.
• Step 7: Get 4 perks and then eat a fruit to throw up. If you have multiple fruits, you can consume one to get a free perk. Buy the rest from perk-a-cola machines. It doesn’t matter what perks you have. Just reach the maximum perk limit. Note: If you use the “Unquenchable” Mega Gooblegum you must get 5 perks. If you don’t have it 4 perks is the limit.

Secret Achievements:

10. Seeds of Doubt (50G) — In Zetsubou No Shima, the one must be saved.

Tip: Complete all boss fights & Challenges the game gives you on the Zetsubou No Shima map, including how to trigger them, is shown in our “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Eclipse Zetsubou No Shima Guide” that shows step-by-step how to get to the ending.

Note: As always with anything to do with finishing the Zetsubou No Shima map easter egg puzzle, it’s a bit easier with a Co-op partner. They can hold off the zombies while you aim at the next target. It also works Solo.

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