Quantum Break: The Movie

Still in doubt if you should play Quantum Break? Check out one of the many alternating paths through the game in Quantum Break: The Movie!

This video includes all the cutscenes found within the game, including the four live-action TV episodes at the end of each act!

Also added in are some gameplay segments between cutscenes to give the movie a bit more action, as well as to include the in game conversations to the story, as they do add quite a bit of backstory to the storyline. Some of the information told between the characters during the gameplay itself isn’t found in the cutscenes, so therefore some of them are actually quite important.

Watch Quantum Break: The Movie with all cutscenes and TV episodes:

Note: Before playing the game, if you don’t have fast internet for streaming video like Netflix without hickups, it’s recommended you first download the “Quantum Break Episode Pack” off the Xbox Store’s Quantum Break bundle section.

This optional pack includes the four 22 minute live episodes and it will take 75.61GB of storage space. This download has all the possible scenes that can be shown depending on your choices.

Video Credit: GeneralDrew