MiiTomo: How To Get Coins Fast (Guide)

Welcome to the “MiiTomo: How To Get Coins Fast” guide. As you know, MiiTomo is so much more fun if you have lots of coins early on to buy clothes for your Mii in the new iPhone, iPad & Android social network sim game.

Let’s take a look below at how you can get easy coins faster…

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MiiTomo How To Get Coins Fast

This MiiTomo video guide teaches you how to make coins the fast way, without paying for them with real money of course.

It shows various different methods to help make you loads of money when you first start playing (skip to 7 minutes into the video to get started).

Tip: There are many ways to get one-time and repeat rewards. Here are a couple that will make you the most coin…

• Link your My Nintendo account to the MiiTomo app.
• Return to play the game daily for a coins bonus every day.
• Answer questions asked by another Mii as well as commenting in the My Answers section of the Main Menu.
• Add friends locally, via Facebook and Twitter.
• Share your Miifoto album photos.
• Change your Mii’s clothes daily (may just give you My Nintendo platinum points instead).


Video Credit: Tilmen.

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