Quantum Break Glitches

Here are some of the newly discovered Quantum Break glitches and solutions.

Note that these Quantum Break glitches can of course get patched by Microsoft at any time. But you might encounter the here-under listed glitches for yourself in the meantime.

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Quantum Break Glitches

PC Glitches

A FAQ list of issues you might run into on the Windows 10 PC version of Quantum Break…

• I pre-ordered the game for Xbox One and haven’t received my pre-order bonus item Windows 10 code.
Microsoft states on the game product page on Xbox One marketplace that they will deliver codes to customers via Xbox system message within 7-10 days after the game has launched, meaning Friday 15th of April latest.

• Does the game support overlay software for broadcasting/streaming, benchmarking or mods?
That’s determined by UWP, and currently the platform doesn’t support overlay software. Microsoft is aware of this and are working on improving UWP.

• I’m receiving a “File IO Failulre” error notice and the game doesn’t launch.
It’s an issue caused by having a Unicode based user account. We’re working on fixing it ASAP, will update this thread with the latest status.

• Does Windows 10 support SLI or Crossfire?
Multiple GPU set-ups aren’t currently supported by UWP / DirectX 12.

• There’s something wrong with my savegame.
Please make sure you’re running the latest version of Windows 10. Older versions have a bug which might cause a savegame error when playing a game with multiple user accounts on the same PC. To be sure, switch your account before signing in to the Xbox app and launching the game.

• How much bandwidth does the live action show streaming require?
The game includes 4 episodes of the live action show, each episode being approximately 25 minutes. Streaming these will be similar to streaming a half hour TV show on typical video streaming services.

• My high-end AMD GPU doesn’t run the game in 4K / Ultra.
Please check if you have the latest drivers installed. Having 8gb RAM is recommended for 4K/ultra settings.

• The game looks grainy.
The film grain effect becomes heavy on some TVs when the sharpness setting is too high. Also check if the cloud save has picked up your Xbox One game version gamma/brightness settings and pumped up the PC settings simultaneously.

• Jack looks like a pirate.
DRM might’ve accidentally triggered. Make sure you’ve logged into your Microsoft account before starting the game, or you know, buy the game legally. – Alan Wake had the same funny anti-piracy feature (as shown in the image at the top of this page).

• The game doesn’t fit on my hard drive.
Check that your game download / installation hard drive has enough space. The installation package is about 45 Gb, the live action show is streamed so you don’t need to worry about fitting additional 75 Gb on your drive.

• The game is taking forever to download.
Microsoft is working on this and trying to improve server caching.

• The game runs slowly on my system which meets the minimum spec.
The game defaults to your screen resolution. Try lowering the resolution from the game’s display settings.

• Can I limit my framerate?
You can lock the framerate to 30fps.

• Why is the PC version only on Windows 10 and sold only through the Windows Store?
The publisher decides where and on what platform to distribute the game.

• How can I quit the game?
You can exit Quantum Break just like any Windows 10 application, move the mouse cursor to the upper right corner and the regular [X] should appear.

An overview of the PC issues:

Xbox One Glitches

Out of the Map Glitch in “Act 2 – Part 2: Ground Zero”:

Missing Character in Cutscene Glitch in Act 3 – Part 2: Monarch Gala”:

Out of Bounds Glitch:

Bug Fixes

How To Fix Glitches: Download the latest patch for Quantum Break, Microsoft uses patches to try and fix the most common glitches on all systems (PC & Xbox One).

Here’s what Patch 1.01 fixes: Not yet released during launch week. Expected it to hit in the near future.


Glitches discovered by: Remedy Entertainment, Exploit Theory, PiresXII & Echizen2277.

Have you encountered any Quantum Break glitches?