Quantum Break Achievements Guide

The Quantum Break achievements guide lists every achievement for this Xbox One & PC third-person shooter action-adventure game and tells you how to get and unlock them all.

In the Quantum Break achievement guide we’ll show there are 42 Achievements (22 Secret Achievements) with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points to earn in the Xbox One and PC versions.

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Quantum Break Achievements Guide

Important Notes Before You Go Achievement Hunting:
– DO NOT skip any of the cutscenes in the game, as some are tied to achievements.
– Upon completion of the game, you can get 100% of the achievements if you replay the “Choice Segments” and then swap choices to be different from before.
– Make sure to find all collectibles in the game by pressing the Y button on your controller to make them more visible with an orange glow. – Do not just get them for completionist’s sake, because they do fill out the game’s backstory quite a bit if you read them all.

1. Everybody Gather Around (30G) — Kill 3 enemies with a single Time Blast.

Location: This can easily be done in “Act 2 – Part 1” and a lot of other spots where multiple enemies attack you.

2. Focus. Aim. Pull. (30G) — Get 10 head shots while using Dodge Focus.

3. One Foot in Front of Another (30G) — Time Rush for a total of 100 meters.

4. Personal Space (30G) — Deflect 200 bullets with the Time Shield.

5. Frozen Lead (30G) — Use Time Stop to stack a total of 1000 bullets.

6. Break All Their Toys (20G) — Destroy 15 enemy chronon harnesses.

7. Area Effect (15G) — Kill 15 enemies with environmental explosions.

Location: This can be done at the beginning of “Act 5 – Part 2”, about 1 minute into the mission, after you ride an elevator down. You’ll encounter 2 enemies standing next to a red explosive propane tank that you can shoot to kill them. As soon as you kill them, pause the game and select “Restart Checkpoint” to repeat this section of the game until you’ve killed 15 enemies.

8. Spreading Ripples (10G) — Watch a show episode with all of the Quantum Ripples unlocked.

All the spots where you can engage with Quantum Ripples in Act 1 are shown in Maka’s voice-over video guide.

9. Chronon Surge (15G) — Upgrade a time power.
10. Maximum Effort (20G) — Fully upgrade all your time powers.
11. Stop and Go (20G) — Fully upgrade Time Stop or Time Dodge.

Tip: To find all 60 Chronon Sources that let you buy upgrades, check out our “Quantum Break Chronon Sources Locations Guide“.

12. A Link To The Future (20G) — Locate one Quantum Ripple and one Intel Item.

This video guide shows how to unlock the achievement, earned by finding one Quantum Ripple and one piece of Intel in “Act 1 – Part 2”. These are the first ones you come across in-game.

13. Knowledge Is Power (20G) — Locate all of the Intel Items.

Tip: To find all 9 Intel Items, check out our “Quantum Break Intel Items Locations Guide“.

14. Time Master (30G) — Complete all of Quantum Break.

15. Daylight Saving Time (30G) — Time Stop five minutes worth of accumulated time.

16. Tossing Stones in a Pond (20G) — You need to trigger all Quantum Ripples.

Tip: To find all 9 Quantum Ripples, check out our “Quantum Break Quantum Ripples Locations Guide“.

17. Media Baron (20G) — You need to find all Emails, presentations, TV Shows, Radios And Posters.

Tip: To find all 128 Media Items AKA Narrative Objects, check out our “Quantum Break Media Locations Guide“.

18. Time Bandit (25G) — You need to complete the game on Easy Difficulty.

19. Time Cop (40G) — You need to complete the game on Normal Difficulty.

20. Time Lord (50G) — You need to complete the game on Hard Difficulty.

Tips: How to defeat the final Quantum Break boss on Hard difficulty mode.
– Even if you used cover in the game, NEVER resort to it in the boss battle. KEEP MOVING.
– Save your Time Dodges for last minute escape.
– The auto-shot is your friend. SO MUCH YOUR FRIEND.
– Get a good use of Time Blast in the second round of the boss battle.

Secret Achievements:

21. Hold on to Your Hope and Burn (30G) — Complete Act 1 of Quantum Break.

22. Not a Friendly Invitation (30G) — Complete Act 2 of Quantum Break.

23. You’re Coming With Us (30G) — Complete Act 3 of Quantum Break.

24. Then We’ll Die Finding Out (30G) — Complete Act 4 of Quantum Break.

25. Your Exceptional Qualities Are Obvious (30G) — Complete Act 5 of Quantum Break.

26. Mysterious Stranger (20G) — You met Beth Wilder, who could’ve shot you… but didn’t.

27. Take That Trip (20G) — You entered the time machine.

28. The Countermeasure (20G) — You finally got your hands on Will’s Countermeasure.

29. A Fracture in Time (20G) — You were there when time broke.

30. A William Joyce Original (20G) — You found Will’s original time machine.

31. Something Fashionable (20G) — You got the chronon harness for Beth.

32. Distant Mirror (20G) — Beth told you about how she met herself.

33. Last-Second Rescue (20G) — You managed to get to Will in time… on the second try.

34. Iron Fist (20G) — Paul chose the Hardline path for Monarch Solutions.

35. The Soft Touch (20G) — Paul chose the PR path for Monarch Solutions.

36. You and Me (20G) — Paul chose to concentrate on his personal connection with Jack.

37. Bigger Fish to Fry (20G) — Paul focused his energies on Monarch Solutions and his plan.

38. The Right-Hand Man (20G) — Paul decided to trust Martin Hatch.

39. The Doctor (20G) — Paul decided to have faith in Dr. Sofia Amaral.

40. Rational Thought (20G) — Despite the pain and turmoil within, Paul remained rational and in control of his faculties.

41. Paranoia (20G) — Paul chose to give in to his rage and paranoia.

42. Marketing Spiel (25G) — You let Paul do his thing.

Location: This is done at the very start of the game in “Act 1 – Part 1”. When you enter the lab, Paul wants to convince Jack to join his project. All you have to do is let Paul talk without interrupting him until you come across a projector room with a blue screen that reads “Project Promenade”, where you must sit down in one of the chairs of the front row for the achievement to pop up.

Note that this is a miss-able achievement!


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