Samorost 3 Achievements Guide

25 March 2016
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Samorost 3 Achievements Guide

The Samorost 3 achievements guide lists every achievement for this PC, Mac & Mobile puzzle-adventure game and tells you how to get and unlock them all.

In the Samorost 3 achievement guide we’ll show there are 30 Achievements (0 Secret Achievements) to earn in the Mobile, Mac and PC versions.

Index of Samorost 3 Guides:

Samorost 3 Achievements Guide

All Samorost 3 Achievements are covered in this video guide:

Achievements Timeline:
• [00:11] — Blossoms
• [00:31] — Chamois
• [01:03] — Rockheads
• [01:52] — Mushrooms
• [03:50] — Knife
• [04:37] — Jing Jang
• [05:39] — Woodworm
• [05:58] — Liana Bats
• [06:18] — Goldfish
• [09:40] — Goldbug
• [10:09] — Spiral Smoke
• [10:41] — Cicadas
• [11:39] — Mimicking Parrot
• [12:57] — Sleeping Parrot
• [14:14] — Saint Termite
• [14:44] — Dancing Fungus
• [15:43] — Hermit Crabs
• [16:05] — Crab Pyramid
• [16:15] — Sputnik
• [17:50] — Centipede
• [18:07] — Cave Bats
• [18:30] — Singing Mouse
• [19:33] — Owl
• [19:54] — Four Flutes
• [20:00] — Distilled Spirits
• [22:09] — Cosmic Ring
• [22:28] — Shem Is Home
• [24:05] — Young Spirits
• [24:35] — Sprouting Tree
• [25:29] — Dog

1. Blossoms

Tip: On the very first section of the game (on your tree planet), right of the doghouse, there’s a blossom tree. Click on all of the tree’s blossoms to unlock this achievement.

2. Knife

Tip: Story-related achievement (on your tree planet). At the start of the game simply finish your spaceship. Note that the achievement won’t unlocked until the cutscene that follows plays.

3. Chamois

Tip: When you get to the rock-formation (on your tree planet) opposite the working old guy with protective glasses, you’ll see there’s a dark cave at the top of the rocks, jump up there. Then go into the cave and stay there to make a lit-up deer come near where you are, when it’s close-by jump on its back to ride it! Achievement unlocked.

4. Rockheads

Tip: Once you reach the mountain section (on your tree planet) with the thin straw-bridges to walk across, solve that bridge puzzle and get to the other side. Before you leave, take a moment to click on the two rock peaks at the bottom-left side of the screen as well as the rock peak at the right-middle of the screen. – Note that this last one doesn’t become clickable until you solve the bridge puzzle to cross the bridges, and that the references clickable rock tops are all in the foreground.

5. Dog

Tip: When you return to your green tree planet, go home and say “Hi!” to your loyal dog buddy who’s still waiting for you!

6. Goldfish

7. Woodworm

8. Goldbug

9. Liana Bats

A level video guide for “Liana Bats”:

10. Jing Jang

A level video guide for “Jing Jang”:

11. Saint Termite
12. Cicadas
13. Dancing Fungus

A level video guide that covers both “Saint Termite”, “Dancing Fungus” and then “Cicadas”:

14. Sprouting Tree

15. Spiral Smoke
16. Mimicking Parrot
17. Sleeping Parrot

A level video guide that covers both “Spiral Smoke”, “Mimicking Parrot” and “Sleeping Parrot”:

18. Hermit Crabs

Tip: At the red planet, make a helmet crab stay in place while another one reaches him.

19. Crab Pyramid

Tip: At the red planet, stack the crabs at the playground from large to small, forming a pyramid.

20. Centipede
21. Sputnik

A level video guide that covers both “Sputnik” and “Centipede”:

22. Cave Bats

23. Young Spirits

24. Singing Mouse

Tip: Repeat the melody the mouse sings with the irrigating machine (the exact notes are given in the help book).

25. Distilled Spirits

Tip: Use the oven in the tower a third time.

26. Four Flutes

27. Shem Is Home

28. Owl

A level video guide for “Owl”:

29. Cosmic Ring

This level video guide covers not only “Four Flutes” as well as “Dog” and finally unlocks “Cosmic Ring”:

30. Mushrooms

Tip: Strangely this last listed achievement is from an early section of the game (on your tree planet). When you get to the tree guy with a straw hat, go to the center easter egg-shaped green rock formation, then summon & line up the mushroom spirits three times in a row to make the achievement pop up.

[Work-In-Progress: Since there are no achievement descriptions, more tips are coming!]

Special thanks to Amanita Design, Gameview & Furo86 for the list, tips & guide videos.

Please comment if you have any Samorost 3 achievement unlock tips of your own. Kudos will be given. – Thanks for visiting!


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