Hitman 2016 Glitches

Here are some of the newly discovered Hitman 2016 glitches and solutions.

Note that these Hitman 2016 glitches can of course get patched by Ubisoft at any time. But you might encounter the here-under listed glitches for yourself in the meantime.

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Hitman 2016 Glitches

Stretching Bodies Glitch

During the early game “Eliminate Kalvin Ritter” objective, depending on your PC video card, you might randomly stretch out all interactive character’s bodies on the map — including Agent 47’s — into freaks of nature… this seems to happen when you pick up the Bartoli 75R from a subdued police guard in the cabin at the start.
You can see it happening in the video at 4:28 minutes.

Another gamer using a R9 390 video card with DX12 on a i5 4460 PC had a similar glitch happen. Here not only Agent 47’s clothing started stretching out at the very beginning of the game, but also the floor became see-through!

Ragdoll Glitch

When you randomly drop / dump a subdued enemy he might end up partly stuck in the floor and spazz out ragdoll-physics style.

Wall Warp Glitch

During the early game “Eliminate Kalvin Ritter” objective, when you subdue the first guard near the wall (to the right of the cabin he’s in), you might end up phasing through the wall and end up on the other side. This maybe useful to prop players or speedrunners.

Novikov Warp Glitch

This warping glitch appears to happen when you lose sight of Viktor Novikov just as he is about to start his animation of feeling sick from your barkeeping skills (or it might be the poison you put in his drink). This should be helpful in speedruns if you can tag along with him to the toilet.
Skip to 1:10 minutes into the video for the warp glitch, as the start includes the set-up.

Bug Fixes

How To Fix Glitches: Download the latest patch for Hitman 2016, Ubisoft uses patches to try and fix the most common glitches on all systems (PC, PS4 & Xbox One).

Here’s what Patch 1.01 fixes:

Not yet released during launch week. Expected to hit at the same time as the weekly updates that add new contracts and challenges.


Glitches discovered by: Zach, Future, Phantom Boss, IRD ENT & Fishy 2 Strong.

Have you encountered any Hitman 2016 glitches?