The Division Trophies Guide

7 March 2016
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The Division Trophies Guide

The Division trophies guide lists every trophy for this PS4 third-person shooter action-RPG game and tells you how to get and unlock them all.

In The Division trophy guide we’ll show there are 51 Trophies (14 Hidden Trophies) that can be earned in the PS4 version. Earn Bronze (42), Silver (5), Gold (3), and Platinum (1) Trophies to increase your Gamer Level.

Index of The Division Guides:

The Division Trophies Guide

1. Platinum Agent (Platinum) — Unlocked every Trophy in Tom Clancy’s The Division.

2. On the Level (Gold) — Reach Level 30 with an Agent.

3. Marathon (Bronze) — Discover ALL of the Safe Houses in Manhattan.

4. Know No Fear (Gold) — Finish all of the missions at Level 30 on the Hard difficulty.

5. Hardened Combatant (Bronze) — Complete a mission in Challenge mode.

Tips: To get the edge on completing a level in Challenge Mode you need teamwork and have enough experience with your ability, perks & skills.

6. United We Stand (Silver) — At lvl 30 start and complete a Co-op Mission without anyone being Downed or Dying.

7. Shadows of the past (Bronze) — Activate 63 ECHO scenes.
8. Droning on… (Bronze) — Extract 16 aerial photos from crashed drones.
9. Survivalist (Bronze) — Recover 24 Survival Guide pages.
10. Agent Diaries (Bronze) — Extract 130 phone recordings from phones found in Manhattan.
11. The Finder (Bronze) — Retrieve 20 missing first wave Division agent profiles.
12. Incident Reports (Bronze) — Extract 40 audio incident reports from JTF laptops.

Tip: To find all 293 of these collectibles, check out “The Division Intel Locations Guide“.

13. State of the Art (Gold) — Fully upgrade the Base of Operations.

14. Skillz (Bronze) — Equip 10 different Skill Mods.

15. Skill Kill (Bronze) — Finish off 50 enemies using Skills.

16. The Humanitarian (Bronze) — Purchase the Canine Unit and Pediatric Care Base of Operations Upgrade.

17. Those Signature Moves (Bronze) — Activate any of the Signature Skills 100 times.

18. Natural Talent (Bronze) — Be attributed with a kill while having a Talent active.

19. One Down, Two to Go! (Silver) — Completely upgrade any one wing of the Base of Operations.

20. Fixer-Upper (Silver) — Completely upgrade any two wings of the Base of Operations.

21. Bling! Bling! (Silver) — Equip all Gear slots with Superior or High-end Items.

22. Good With My Hands (Bronze) — Craft 10 items.
23. Master Craftsman (Silver) — Craft a High-end item.
24. Deconstructive Criticism (Bronze) — Deconstruct 100 items.

Location: You can find a crafting station in your main Base of Operations.

Crafting Tip: Crafting a High-End material will suffice, it doesn’t have to be a weapon or gear item. They can be crafted from the beginning on. There’s no need to get any blueprints. All you need is 5 blue crafting materials of any type and it will let you “convert” them into one high-end material (Weapon Parts / Tools / Electronics / Fabric).

Deconstruction Note: The quickest way to get enough materials is to deconstruct items from your inventory. It’s also possible to convert green materials to blue ones, then the blue ones to yellow (high-end) ones. Simply deconstruct everything you don’t need. For the “Deconstructive Criticism” trophy you have to deconstruct 100 items anyway and will get more than enough materials.

25. Looking for Group (Bronze) — Join or create a group.

Tip: How to join / create a group in The Division? While playing, go to the Main Menu and at the top-middle select “Group Management”. Then go to the Online Friends menu and select any that are online and invite them to your group (or join another friend’s group) to make the trophy pop up.

26. Medic! (Bronze) — Revive a team mate 20 times in co-op.

27. Lean On Me (Bronze) — Heal or Buff allies 100 times while in a group.

28. Networking (Bronze) — Complete 20 Missions as part of a group.

29. Shut that door (Bronze) — Close a car door while in cover.

Tip: How to close a car door in The Division? This can be done anywhere on the streets of New York City. When you see a car with open doors press the X button on your PS4 controller to take cover behind it. Then simply walk around the car while in cover and you will close the door automatically.

30. Raid the Arsenal (Bronze) — Kill 1 enemy with each of the 6 Gun classes.

Tip: Instead of buying them, you should be able to get all 6 Gun classes through random drops. The different Gun classes are: Pistol, Submachine Gun, Assault Rifle, Marksman Rifle, Light Machine Gun, and Shotgun.

Note: If your weapon is under-powered and low level (like the Pistal and Shotgun), it will take a while to get a kill with it.

31. Worth the Wait (Bronze) — Successfully Extract a contaminated item from the Dark Zone.

Tip: How to get a contaminated item from The Division Dark Zone? Go into a Dark Zone (red area on the map), and recover equipment with a group of players. Then go to an extraction zone and survive until you’re extracted.

32. Mass Extraction (Bronze) — Extract an item at all 8 Extraction Zones.

33. Plundered! (Bronze) — Extract a Superior or High-end Item from the Dark Zone.

34. Headhunter (Bronze) — Kill a named Elite in the Dark Zone.

35. You Just Made the List… (Bronze) — Kill 10 Named Enemies in the Dark Zone.

36. For Justice! (Bronze) — Kill a player who has Gone Rogue.

37. I am the LAW! (Bronze) — Kill 20 Rogue Agents.

Tip: Here’s a boosting method for PvP killing 20 rogue agents. Beware, there will be massive DZ XP loss if you’re high rank (use a 2nd character?).
Get a group of friends into the same instance of the Dark Zone by forming a group. Head to a respawn point and leave the group and take turns turning rogue and allowing the other player get a rogue kill.

Hidden Trophies:

38. Activated (Bronze) — Get to Manhattan.

Tip: If the verify identity is not working at the beginning of the game at your Base — or if too many people are in the way of the door to Agent Faye Lau and are not letting you go through and contact her (which is the objective) — then just log out and log back in.
To log out go to the Pause/Inventory screen where it says log out with the Triangle button on PS4 / Y button on Xbox One. That’s where you log out of The Division back to the Character Select screen. Then log back in to see if it’s less crowded and lets you into the door to Faye Lau.

Note: The issue should disappear after the game’s launch madness subsides.

This video guide shows how to complete Activation Verify Identity:

39. Outbreak (Bronze) — Secure a sample of the original virus strain.

40. Can’t stand the heat! (Bronze) — Eliminate the leader of the Cleaners and escape the Napalm Production Site.

41. Crime and Punishment (Bronze) — Eliminate the leader of the Rikers gang and her bodyguards in Lexington Event Center.

42. I’ve Got the Power (Bronze) — Secure the Power Plant.

43. Fly on the Wall (Bronze) — Restore the JTF comm relay.

44. Last Man Standing (Bronze) — Eliminate the leader of the Last Man Battalion and his men in the U.N. Building.

45. You Win Some, You Lose Some (Bronze) — Recover Tchernenko’s research data from the Russian Consulate.

46. What Needs To Be Done (Bronze) — Recover Charles Bliss’ propaganda tape.

47. The Final Curtain (Bronze) — Uncover the fates of Gordon Amherst and Aaron Keener.

Location: After completing all story missions (essentially beating the story) a new side quest will unlock in the Chelsea district. The quest is called “Unknown Signal”. It’s really short and you just need to go inside a building and activate an ECHO collectible. This will give you the last Virus Report and unlock the trophy.

48. Gain a Foothold (Bronze) — Regroup with Faye Lau in the Base of Operations.

49. The Engineer (Bronze) — Rescue Paul Rhodes.

50. The Doctor (Bronze) — Rescue and extract Dr. Jessica Kandel.

51. The Captain (Bronze) — Rescue Captain Roy Benitez.

Special thanks to Ubisoft, Powerpyx, PS4trophies, NetsRac, Leaper, GamerForEternity & Maka for the list, tips & guide videos.

Please comment if you have any The Division trophy unlock tips of your own. Kudos will be given. – Thanks for visiting!



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