Far Cry Primal Glitches

25 February 2016
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Far Cry Primal Glitches

Here are some of the newly discovered Far Cry Primal glitches.

Note that these Far Cry Primal glitches can of course get patched by Ubisoft at any time. But you might encounter the here-under listed glitches for yourself in the meantime.

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Far Cry Primal Glitches

Out of the Map Glitch

You can get out of the world map near the start of the game.

Under the Map Glitch

This glitch uses wallbreach to go under the map when swimming in Shayu’s Cave near its Daysha Hand.

Propel Enemy Away Glitch

Here’s a funny glitch if you randomly put an arrow in an enemy’s skull that may cause the enemy to propel away.

Hand Glitch

Your left hand may get stuck in an upright position in front of you as you walk around in the Wenja willage.

Bug Fixes

How To Fix Glitches: Download the latest patch for Far Cry Primal, Ubisoft uses patches to try and fix the above-shown most common glitches on all systems.

Here’s what Patch 1.01 fixes:

What’s New:

The Day One Patch introduces a new difficulty setting to Far Cry Primal – Expert Mode – which will go all out and push you to the limits of your ability! Not only will enemies be more challenging, but Takkar will be more vulnerable to attacks, making every hostile encounter a more tense battle for survival.

Expert Mode brings a bunch of changes to how the games works, which will truly test even the most hardcore player. From reduced player aim assists to smarter enemy AI, you’ll definitely need to be on top of your game to handle what Oros has to offer.

Expert Mode Changes:

• Players’ health has been halved compared to Hard difficulty.
• Reduced players aim assist.
• AI shoots faster by 1/3
• Enemies in combat are not shown on mini map by default (they appear only if they are tagged).
• It takes the AI a longer time to “forget” you when you hide
• The aim assist box is reduced for several weapon types (bow, club, spear)
• The player damage is reduced

Alongside the addition of the new Expert Mode, we’re also making sure to offer the best game experience possible for launch. As such, we’re providing small tweaks and changes through the Day One Patch, to ensure that your time saving the Wenja tribe goes as smoothly as possible.

Other Fixes:

• Stability & Performance
o Optimization and stability have been improved
o Improved lighting
• Weapons & HUD
o Improved reticle display
• Wildlife & AI
o Improved beast companion behavior
o Fixed rare animation issues
o Improved visual of the mammoth when it destroys objects
o Improved animal fighting behavior when triggering a fight
• Design & progression
o Tweaked and balanced XP rewards
o Tweaked the damage ratio of certain recipes
o Improved overall balancing
• Gameplay
o Improved animations of weapons on fire
o Fixed issues with lit weapons during cinematics at night
o Improved player navigation and small collision issues
o Improved camera transition and minor collision issues on cinematics

Patch Size:

• PS4 : 564MB
• XBOX ONE : 561MB
• PC : Arriving March 1st

Glitches discovered by: Ubisoft, xShAdOwYxMiSt, DaggerSlayer, Zaelyth & Adam.

Have you encountered any Far Cry Primal glitches?


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