Street Fighter 5 Survival Mode Guide

Welcome to the Street Fighter 5 Survival Mode Guide for the new PS4 & PC fighting game.

The overview for all four Survival Mode difficulty levels is shown below.

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Street Fighter 5 Survival Mode Guide

In Survival Mode your health and EX Gauge carry over between each match against the CPU. You are able to earn points with each victory, which can in turn be used to purchase special power ups, such as health or attack or defense increases, etc., to help you last longer. Purchasing more power ups reduces your overall score though, so there is a trade-off. By clearing the four difficulty levels of Survival Mode, you’ll be able to earn new colors and in-game titles for your character!

Finishing Survival Mode on Easy, Normal, Hard & Hell difficulty with each of the 16 characters will unlock the following for you:

1. You’ll earn around 5,000 Fight Money times 64 (16 fighters across 4 difficulties) for a one-time total bonus of 320,000 Fight Money; Check to make sure the Capcom servers are online and you’re signed in with your Network ID to gain this in-game currency. Spend it on free characters and costumes when the in-game store becomes available in the March 2016 update.

2. You’ll unlock all 10 color variations for the character’s costume you’re wearing by completing Easy, Normal & Hard difficulty levels. The order in which costume colors get unlocked is:

• While the first two color options can be selected from the start, the third of the first three color options becomes available by finishing Survival Mode on Easy difficulty, so win 10 matches. (There’s 1 round per fight.)

• The next three color options become available by finishing Survival Mode on Normal difficulty, so win 30 matches. (There’s 1 round per fight.)

• And the last four of the 10 colors become available by finishing Survival Mode on Hard difficulty, so get to match #50 to fight & defeat M. Bison at the end. (There’s 1 round per fight.)

Easy has 10 matches, Normal 30 matches, Hard 50 matches, and Hell 100 matches; This is tough as most people get annoyed or bored of Survival Mode on Hard & Hell difficulty. Which is why you may want to…

Watch this short tutorial on how to complete Survival Mode on Hard & Hell difficulty.

Or watch this trick explaining how to complete Survival Mode’s 100 Stages on Hell difficulty easily.

Easy Hell Completion Method: Choose Ken or Ryu and spam their Shoryuken special move (Right, Down, Right, Triangle).
You must know this move perfectly to the point where you never mess it up and can push the buttons super quickly. Practice it until you can do this move 100% perfectly every time.
When the match starts, always spam this attack until you land the first hit! While the enemy is down, double press to the right to push them into the corner. Once they are in the corner there is nothing they can do. Just keep spamming Shoryuken and you’ll easily beat all 100 enemies, no skill required. I still got perfect victories after round 90+ by spamming only this one move.

Why it works is because Shoryuken is a really quick attack that covers the area in front of you and above you. So when the enemy is cornered it doesn’t leave them much choice. They can’t jump over you because your attack covers the air. They can’t land a heavy attack because your Shoryuken is much faster and will hit them first. At best they can do a throw or perform a quick (weak) punch. Your Shoryuken is simply too fast for them and covers too much area. It doesn’t leave the AI much choice other than blocking and doing quick punches.
Don’t even bother with blocking enemy attacks, just keep spamming Shoryuken and it will act as a counterattack. Plus, don’t forget that Shoryuken deals more damage in one hit than most enemy attacks do. So even if they hit you, your attack deals them more damage. The AI simply reacts to whatever buttons you press and “calculates” that your Shoryuken will do them more harm than they can cause you. So all they do is stand around and try to block.

Hell Tips:
– For the first 10 rounds: concentrate on making lots of points and pick the Double Down Supplements for a score bonus.
– In the first 30 rounds: don’t refill health after every match to save points (so you have enough points later when you need them).
– After round 50: always refill your health after every match!
– After round 50: if your health is still full after a match, pick the defense Supplement (ignore all other supplements).
– You also need a little bit of luck because of how random the Supplements are. If you get a low health boost 5 times in a row it’ll get tricky. If that happens to you, just retry and hope for better luck next time.

List of fighters you’ll encounter:

Stage 1’s fighter is Ryu

Stage 2’s fighter is Chun-Li

Stage 3’s fighter is Dhalsim

Stage 4’s fighter is Ken

Stage 5’s fighter is Zangief

Stage 6’s fighter is Cammy

Stage 7’s fighter is Vega

Stage 8’s fighter is M. Bison

Stage 9’s fighter is Karin

Stage 10’s fighter is Birdie

Stage 11’s fighter is Nash

Stage 12’s fighter is R. Mika

Stage 13’s fighter is Rashid

Stage 14’s fighter is Laura

Stage 15’s fighter is F.A.N.G

Stage 16’s fighter is Necalli

Stage 17’s fighter is Cammy

Stage 18’s fighter is Vega

Stage 19’s fighter is Rashid

Stage 20’s fighter is Chun-Li

Stage 21’s fighter is Karin

Stage 22’s fighter is F.A.N.G

Stage 23’s fighter is Birdie

Stage 24’s fighter is Dhalsim

Stage 25’s fighter is Zangif

Stage 26’s fighter is Nash

Stage 27’s fighter is M. Bison

Stage 28’s fighter is R. Mika

Stage 29’s fighter is Ryu

Stage 30’s fighter is Laura

Stage 31’s fighter is Necalli

Stage 32’s fighter is Ken

Stage 33’s fighter is Ryu

Stage 34’s fighter is Chun-Li

Stage 35’s fighter is Nash

Stage 36’s fighter is M. Bison

Stage 37’s fighter is Cammy

Stage 38’s fighter is Birdie

Stage 39’s fighter is Ken

Stage 40’s fighter is Necalli

Stage 41’s fighter is Vega

Stage 42’s fighter is R. Mika

Stage 43’s fighter is Rashid

Stage 44’s fighter is Karin

Stage 45’s fighter is Zangief

Stage 46’s fighter is Laura

Stage 47’s fighter is Dhalsim

Stage 48’s fighter is F.A.N.G

Stage 49’s fighter is Chun-Li

Stage 50’s fighter is R. Mika

Stage 51’s fighter is Cammy

Stage 52’s fighter is Laura

Stage 53’s fighter is Karin

Stage 54’s fighter is R. Mika

Stage 55’s fighter is Chun-Li

Stage 56’s fighter is Laura

Stage 57’s fighter is Karin

Stage 58’s fighter is Cammy

Stage 59’s fighter is Rashid

Stage 60’s fighter is Nash

Stage 61’s fighter is Dhalsim

Stage 62’s fighter is Ryu

Stage 63’s fighter is Chun-Li

Stage 64’s fighter is Ken

Stage 65’s fighter is F.A.N.G

Stage 66’s fighter is Necalli

Stage 67’s fighter is Laura

Stage 68’s fighter is Birdie

Stage 69’s fighter is R. Mika

Stage 70’s fighter is Zangief

Stage 71’s fighter is Cammy

Stage 73’s fighter is Karin

Stage 74’s fighter is M. Bison

Stage 75’s fighter is Vega

Stage 76’s fighter is F.A.N.G

Stage 77’s fighter is Birdie

Stage 78’s fighter is Zangief

Stage 79’s fighter is Ryu

Stage 80’s fighter is Rashid

Stage 81’s fighter is Nash

Stage 82’s fighter is Ken

Stage 83’s fighter is Necalli

Stage 84’s fighter is M. Bison

Stage 85’s fighter is F.A.N.G

Stage 86’s fighter is Dhalsim

Stage 87’s fighter is Laura

Stage 88’s fighter is Zangif

Stage 89’s fighter is Karin

Stage 90’s fighter is Rashid

Stage 91’s fighter is R. Mika

Stage 92’s fighter is Vega

Stage 93’s fighter is Necalli

Stage 94’s fighter is Ken

Stage 95’s fighter is Birdie

Stage 96’s fighter is Cammy

Stage 97’s fighter is M. Bison

Stage 98’s fighter is Nash

Stage 99’s fighter is Chun-Li

Stage 100’s fighter is Ryu

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