Street Fighter 5 Achievements Guide

The Street Fighter 5 achievements guide lists every achievement for this PC fighting game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

In the Street Fighter 5 achievement guide we’ll show there are 45 Achievements (0 Secret Achievements) to earn in the PC version.

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Street Fighter 5 Achievements Guide


1. The Never-Ending Path — “Sweet! You got all the trophies! You’re really somethin’. Isn’t that right, Ryu?” “You have done well to reach the end of this one journey. The path to becoming a true fighter still lies ahead, but let us take time to share the joy of your accomplishment.”

2. Mastering The Basics — Why don’t you try finishing up the tutorial? You might’ve mastered the first step, but nailing down the fundamentals is what’s important.

Watch Ryu’s official Capcom character guide here:

After that introduction, the next video guide shows Ryu’s tutorial & story playthrough battles:

3. Your Story Starts Here — Your first goal for Story Mode is just to clear it once. You can probably guess, but I cleared it with Master Zangief first!

4. Lucky We Met! — Whoa, I’m really mixing it with the celebrities here! C’mon, Rashid, you’re the Raging Storm! Get out there and finish 5 Character Stories!

5. The 16 Trials — So you wish to learn Yoga? If that is truly the case, then first you must complete the Character Story with all characters. There is great merit in walking each of their individual paths.

6. One Step Forward — If you’re at a loss for what to do, why not raise a character to level 5? It should help you realize what you’re missing.

7. Quantity Over Quality — Level up 5 characters! Up to level 5 should do the trick. When it comes to food and fightin’, it’s quantity over quality, mate.

8. No Rest For The Wicked — Your stats are as pitiful as your strength, maggot! Come back when you’ve raised all characters to level 5.

9. Slow But Steady Wins The Race — Your objective should be to raise a single character to level 30. There is great meaning in accomplishing what is difficult. To find your answer, you must set your sights high.

10. Vindicated Honor — Raise your player level to 50. Level up that much and you’ll be about ready to exact you revenge.

11. Burning Spirit — Your player level is a reflection of your passion! Aim for the stars, and reach level 100!

12. Number 2 Is The New Number 1 — Niiihehe! 2, 20, 200! Such a glorious sound, I could say it twice more! 200! Raise you player level to 200! I already have, niiihehe!

13. Make A Name For Yourself — Why don’t you see if you can collect 10 titles? There’s nothin’ like a good title! Even Mel said they make me look cool!

14. Sultan Of Titles — I am Rashid of the Turbulent Wind! You can change how you feel, just with a title! If you had 30 of them, you’d be set for the rest of your life!

15. Fighting On The Internet — Alright, time you fought 10 network battles! The Internet is like my backyard – not a place I tend to lose! (Excludes Battle Lounge)

16. All Going To Plan! — Master Zangief! I fought in 50 network battles! The ring came to life with the clash of burning spirits! (Excludes Battle Lounge)

17. A Fiendish Trap — Impossible! You fought in 300 network battles? Well then, the time for you to witness my Psycho Power draws near. Mwahaha! (Excludes Battle Lounge)

18. Waiting Is Half The Fun — Patience is key to any warrior’s training. Fight in network battles 30 times using the standby function. The longer you wait, the greater the joy will be when you finally get picked.

19. I Know Kung Fu! — Congratulations on your first win! Keep practicing your Kung Fu in those Ranked Matches and I know you’ll only get better and better!

20. Addicted To Winning — It seems you’ve won 10 Ranked Matches. Never forget how it feels to win, or your future will soon be eclipsed by defeat.

21. Working Up An Appetite! — 30 Ranked Matches already? Lemme go catch up to that! Dinner always tastes better after you’ve pummeled a bunch of chumps!

22. Ceaseless Effort — Ah, your 100th Ranked Match victory. That look in your eyes tells me it was a fulfilling battle. Go forward one step at a time, and never forget this feeling.

23. Bam, Bam, Win! — Winning 300 matches will put the word out for Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu! It’ll be like, “the succesor or Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu, Laura Matsuda is right here!”

24. Always Someone Stronger — Why not try fighting someone stronger than you in a Ranked Match? There’s a lot you can gain from fighting stronger opponents. Beat 10 of ’em and you’ll understand.

25. Savoring The Win Streak — Achieved three consecutive victories in Ranked Matches, have you? It appears you are getting a handle on your power. Maintain your modesty, and focus on your training; the path ahead is long.

26. First Promotion! — Master Zangief sent me flowers to celebrate me moving up a league for the first time! I can’t read the card with all these tears!

27. Muscles Bring Victory! — Did you make it to Silver League?! Horosho! You have very good muscle! You can get much stronger from now!

28. Let’s fight someone strong! — Finally, Golden League! There are so many potential rivals! Now the fun really begins!

29. Go Out With A Bang — “Finishing with an EX Special Move sure feels good, old man!” “You finally understand then, young one? How about you try doing it 300 times?” “Wha?! You know how many years that’ll take?!”

30. Critical Beauty — 300 Critical Art finishes… It would seem a crimson rose that blooms within an ugly heart can still be beautiful…

There are 16 characters and 18 Critical Arts in Street Fighter 5. Each character has at least one of these moves (Ryu & Necalli have two). They are similar to Super Moves / Ultra Moves from Street Fighter IV. To activate them your CA bar must be full. You can find the button combination for each character in the “Command List” when you pause the game. All characters are unlocked from the beginning.

Critical Arts Timeline:
#1 – Rashid – 0:05
#2 – R. Mika – 0:19
#3 – Chun-Li – 0:34
#4 – Ryu – 0:47
#5 – Ken – 1:02
#6 – Cammy – 1:16
#7 – Vega – 1:28
#8 – Necalli – 1:42
#9 – Laura – 2:07
#10 – Zangief – 2:18
#11 – Karin – 2:32
#12 – Nash – 2:47
#13 – M. Bison – 3:00
#14 – Birdie – 3:16
#15 – Dhalsim – 3:26
#16 – F.A.N.G. – 3:43

31. Not Over ‘Til It’s Over — When you get that feeling like “I can’t let it end like this!”, that’s when you should use a V-Reversal. Practice it 100 times, and then you’ll be able to pull it off in your sleep!

32. Enlightenment — There is a power that resides deep within you. If you wish to know what that power is, trigger a V-Skill 100 times. Do so, and that power will belong to you.

33. Sudden Reversal — You know, the V-Trigger is pretty handy for shifting the flow of battle. You’ll know just how effective it is once you’ve triggered it 100 times.

34. Playing Favorites — You must set a character as your favorite! Can’t decide who to choose? Niiihehehe! Well, you can’t go wrong with Lord Bison!

35. All In A Name — You’ll never stand out without an original title. Try choosing an appropriate title for me.

36. Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail — Collect 30 replays, kid. Once you’ve done your prep and know your opponent’s weaknesses, you’ll be in control of the fight. Don’t risk your life by rushing in blind.

37. See You In My Dreams! — Visualization is a crucial skill, so try watching 50 replays! I watched so many, I started seeing Master Zangief in my dreams!

38. Not-So-Secret Admirer — When someone sets their sights on you, don’t you just wanna try even harder? Add someone to your Favorites and see what happens!

39. Global Network — I have the direct lines for all the world’s leaders recorded in my pocketbook. You should have 30 names in your Favorites at the very least.

40. Bodybuilding Is Life — Go try out Training Mode for 30 minutes! “Bodybuilding never let man down.” I borrowed that one from Master Zangief!

41. Win Or Die Tryin’ — It’s about time you cleared Survival Mode on normal difficulty. You know what happens if you refuse, don’t you? Let’s just say the only way you live is if you keep on winning!

42. A True Warrior’s Spirit — A warrior’s soul is ri…ripened in Survival Mode. Emerge victorious on hard difficulty and you’ll be ready for me to co…consume.

43. Back From Hell — Feel like taking the plunge into Survival Mode on extreme? Come back alive, and I’ll grant you an audience with none other than me, the great Lord Bison!

Requirement: Hell Difficulty (or Extreme as the above description calls it) requires you to beat 100 enemies in a row without dying. The enemies start out easy and keep getting harder as you progress.

Easy Method: Choose Ken or Ryu and spam their Shoryuken special move (Right, Down, Right, Triangle).
You must know this move perfectly to the point where you never mess it up and can push the buttons super quickly. Practice it until you can do this move 100% perfectly every time.
When the match starts, always spam this attack until you land the first hit! While the enemy is down, double press to the right to push them into the corner. Once they are in the corner there is nothing they can do. Just keep spamming Shoryuken and you’ll easily beat all 100 enemies, no skill required. I still got perfect victories after round 90+ by spamming only this one move.

Why it works: Shoryuken is a really quick attack that covers the area in front of you and above you. So when the enemy is cornered it doesn’t leave them much choice. They can’t jump over you because your attack covers the air. They can’t land a heavy attack because your Shoryuken is much faster and will hit them first. At best they can do a throw or perform a quick (weak) punch. Your Shoryuken is simply too fast for them and covers too much area. It doesn’t leave the AI much choice other than blocking and doing quick punches.
Don’t even bother with blocking enemy attacks, just keep spamming Shoryuken and it will act as a counterattack. Plus, don’t forget that Shoryuken deals more damage in one hit than most enemy attacks do. So even if they hit you, your attack deals them more damage. The AI simply reacts to whatever buttons you press and “calculates” that your Shoryuken will do them more harm than they can cause you. So all they do is stand around and try to block.

– For the first 10 rounds: concentrate on making lots of points and pick the Double Down Supplements for a score bonus.
– In the first 30 rounds: don’t refill health after every match to save points (so you have enough points later when you need them).
– After round 50: always refill your health after every match!
– After round 50: if your health is still full after a match, pick the defense Supplement (ignore all other supplements).
– You also need a little bit of luck because of how random the Supplements are. If you get a low health boost 5 times in a row it’ll get tricky. If that happens to you, just retry and hope for better luck next time.

44. Priceless — You managed to get 1,000,000 FM. That’s pretty good! The real value, however, is in the path you walked to earn that much.

45. The outfit is the highlight of battle — The true creme de la creme know how to give spectators a good show. Now go and gain new colors for your outfit.

Tip: You’ll have to complete Survival Mode in the Easy, Normal & Hard difficulty levels (not Hell) to get all 10 colors for your character. Once you’ve accomplished that, the Achievement will pop up. – Check out our “How To Unlock All Street Fighter 5 Costumes” guide for all the info you need to achieve this goal.

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