How To Unlock All Street Fighter 5 Stages

How to unlock all Street Fighter 5 stages? That question will be answered in this guide that shows you for Street Fighter 5 how to unlock all stages, so you know how to get the full roster of stages in the PS4 & PC fighting game.

Below we’ve listed the Street Fighter V stages. Take the following steps to unlock each one, where needed, so that all Street Fighter 5 unlockable stages will be available to you.

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How To Unlock All Street Fighter 5 Stages

Street Fighter 5 Unlockable Stages

Stages are where you’ll fight your battles. The lineup of stages is the same between the different platforms the game’s on. They are listed in alphabetical order in the stages list below.

As you can tell from the stage select screen, when you first start the game there are only 11 available stages to choose from in the roster.

Already Unlocked Stages In Both PS4 & PC Versions:

1. Apprentice Alley (similar to Exciting Street Scene in India)
2. Bustling Side Street (similar to Crowded Downtown in China)
3. City in Chaos (similar to Skyscraper Under Construction in N.Y., America)
4. Forgotten Waterfall (similar to Inland Jungle in New Zealand)
5. Hillside Plaza (similar to Festival At The Old Temple in Brazil)
6. Kanzuki Estate (similar to Mishima Estate in Japan)
7. Lair of the Four Kings (similar to Secret Laboratory)
8. Shadaloo Base (similar to Small Airfield)
9. The Grid (similar to Training Stage)
10. Underground Arena (similar to Cruise Ship Stern in Russia)
11. Union Station (similar to Snowy Rail Yard in England)

This video shows footage of all the Street Fighter 5 stages in the game at launch:

Future Unlockable DLC Stages:

12. ??

Note: At the Street Fighter 5 launch there are no unlockable stages as of yet. Likely the day and night variations of stages — that you cannot yet choose to play on, but which you DO come across when playing the game — will become available in March 2016, when the in-game store arrives.

Rumor: While unannounced, hopefully the upcoming in-game store will offer a way to unlock new stages by buying them per stage with the game’s Fight Money currency.

Missing Stages from Previous Street Fighter Games:

• Please comment to share which old (or new) stages you think should be added as downloadable stages???

Credits: Capcom & Rayman

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