Lego Marvel’s Avengers Walkthrough

Bonus Level: ?

[Work-In-Progress: The Bonus Level has not yet been discovered!]

The Bonus Level, is most likely located at the Avengers Tower, where you can also find the following 100% Stud Fountain, all mission rewards, and all Hulk selfies.

How To Unlock The Bonus Level: Unknown. Does it not exist in this Lego game?

How To Complete The Bonus Level: In the usual Bonus Levels, the goal is simply to collect 1,000,000 worth of studs from destroying stuff. Completing this bonus level normally unlocks new characters designs. Sometimes these challenges in the previous non-Marvel LEGO games have been extremely tight in terms of how many studs you can miss of the 1,000,000 studs goal before time runs out.


The playable characters in the Bonus Level are:
• ?
• ?

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