Lego Marvel’s Avengers Walkthrough

25 January 2016
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Lego Marvel's Avengers Walkthrough

Level 6: Avengers Assemble

In the sixth level we get to play as all the Avengers team members in the streets of New York.

True Avenger requirement in Level 6 is: 160,000 studs.

The playable characters in Level 6 are:
• Thor
• Captain America
• Iron Man (Mark 43)
• Black Widow
• Hawkeye

Level 7: Earth’s Mightiest (Leviathan & Loki Boss Fight)

In the seventh level our team of heroes must stop a giant Leviathan alien from destroying New York. The boss fight on this stage is Loki who’s trying to rule over Earth. Time to put a stop to his madness!

True Avenger requirement in Level 7 is: 150,000 studs.

The playable characters in Level 7 are:
• Hulk
• Captain America
• Black Widow
• Hawkeye
• Iron Man
• Thor

Story Note: The Avengers movie storyline from Level 7 continues in Level 11.
Yes, it’s weird the game itself doesn’t keep the story linear, so it’s your choice what order you play it in.

Level 8: Lack of Insight (Winter Soldier & Batroc Boss Fight)

The SHIELD Helicarriers are under attack! Captain America and his boarding must investigate a ship and then stop the Helicarriers from being used for evil. Just like in the “Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier” movie. The boss fight on the eight level is against the Winter Soldier.

True Avenger requirement in Level 8 is: 80,000 studs.

The playable characters in Level 8 are:
• Captain America (No Helmet/The Winter Soldier)
• Brock Rumlow
• Black Widow
• Falcon

Level 9: Ready, A.I.M., Fire (Mandarin, Ellen Brandt & Aldrich Killian Boss Fight)

In the ninth level the new heroes are called into action, Iron Man 3-style! They travel to Malibu to visit Stark Mansion and then we go to an oil tanker in Tennessee. The last boss fight on this stage is the Extremis-powered up Aldrich Killian.

True Avenger requirement in Level 9 is: 100,000 studs.

The playable characters in Level 9 are:
• Tony Stark
• Pepper Potts (Mark 42)
• Iron Man
• Harley Keener
• Iron Patriot
• Iron Man (Mark 38)

Level 10: Lost in the Aether (Malekith & Kurse Boss Fight)

In this tenth level Thor and Loki travel many realms, from Asgard to Svartalfheim to back on Earth in London; Where they must take down the boss battle on this stage, Malekith. All true to the “Thor 2: The Dark World” movie plot.

Story Note: When Brian talks about this being the last story level, he means in the chronological order the Marvel movies are in (which this game is based on). As you can see the numbered levels will continue after this level, like the game does.
If you want to follow Brian’s chronological order you’ll have to play (by selecting these levels from space) in this order: Levels 1-7, then Levels 11-15, and finally Levels 8-10.

True Avenger requirement in Level 10 is: 360,000 studs.

The playable characters in Level 10 are:
• Thor (Thor: The Dark World)
• Loki (No Helmet/Thor: The Dark World)
• Lady Sif
• Fandral
• Volstagg

Lego Marvel’s Avengers Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Level 11: No Strings On Me.


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