Lego Marvel’s Avengers Trophies Guide

The Lego Marvel’s Avengers trophies guide lists every trophy for this PS4, PS3 & PS Vita action-adventure game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

In the Lego Marvel’s Avengers trophy guide we’ll show there are 41 Trophies (0 Hidden Trophies) that can be earned in the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita versions. Earn Bronze (31), Silver (5), Gold (4), and Platinum (1) Trophies to increase your Gamer Level.

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Lego Marvel’s Avengers Trophies Guide

Lego Marvel Avengers PS3 & PS4 Trophy List:

1. Peace In Our Time (Platinum) — Collect all other trophies

2. Struck Off The List (Bronze) — Complete ‘Struck Off the List’

3. A Loki Entrance (Bronze) — Complete ‘A Loki Entrance’

4. Rail Hydra (Bronze) — Complete ‘Rail Hydra’

5. Shakespeare in the Park (Bronze) — Complete ‘Shakespeare in the Park’

6. Helicarrier Havoc (Bronze) — Complete ‘Helicarrier Havoc’

7. Avengers Assemble (Bronze) — Complete ‘Avengers Assemble’

8. Earth’s Mightiest (Bronze) — Complete ‘Earth’s Mightiest’

9. Lack of Insight (Bronze) — Complete ‘Lack of Insight’

10. Ready, A.I.M., Fire (Bronze) — Complete ‘Ready A.I.M. Fire’

11. Lost in the Aether (Bronze) — Complete ‘Lost in the Aether’

12. No Strings On Me (Bronze) — Complete ‘No Strings On Me’

13. Anger Management (Bronze) — Complete ‘Anger Management’

14. Korea Prospects (Bronze) — Complete ‘Korea Prospects’

15. Rise of Ultron (Bronze) — Complete ‘Rise of Ultron’

16. Ultron Undone (Bronze) — Complete ‘Ultron Undone’

17. Always Angry (Bronze) — Transform from Banner to Hulk

18. True Avenger (Bronze) — Achieve True Avenger in any level

19. You Asked For It (Gold) — Stop 10 random crimes in Manhattan during a single session

You can find random crimes happening in the open world hub of Manhattan, where…
– In the park, bag & wallet thieves strike from the bushes and try to run away,
– In public sports areas like basketball courts, blond-haired bullies gang up on a single civilian, or
– Criminal gangs attack lone cops patrolling buildings.
– Etcetera.

20. I’ll Do It Myself (Gold) — Witness the 100% Stud Fountain inside Avengers Tower

21. On Your Left (Bronze) — Play as any version of Falcon and as any version of Cap, while in Washington D.C.

22. Warriors Three (Bronze) — Play as Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg in one sitting

23. A Startling Metamorphosis (Bronze) — Transform from Lou Ferrigno to Hulk (Lou Ferrigno)

24. Born Yesterday (Bronze) — Play as Vision – both playable characters

25. House Party Protocol (Silver) — Play as every Iron Man variant in one session

26. A Funny Thing Happened (Bronze) — Drive Lola as Agent Coulson

27. Young Avengers (Silver) — Play as: Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Hulkling, Wiccan, America Chavez and Speed in the same session

28. Beyond (Bronze) — Playing as Aldrich Killian: die and respawn

29. Globe Trotter (Bronze) — Visit all Hub locations

30. Create a Super Hero (Silver) — Create a Custom Character

31. Giant-Sized MARVEL (Bronze) — Grow Ant-Man, Black Goliath, and Fin Fang Foom in one sitting

32. We’re Connected (Bronze) — Play as Harley Keener and Tony Stark in any level other than level 9

33. Fast and the Fury Us (Bronze) — Team-up Nick Fury and Quicksilver

34. I Am Iron Stan (Gold) — Transform into Stan Lee (Hulkbuster)

35. A Magical Place (Bronze) — Playing as Coulson: die and respawn

36. Stiff Upper Lip (Bronze) — Play as Captain Britain, Union Jack, Spitfire, Agent Carter and Mandarin (Trevor Slattery)

37. Over the Moon (Bronze) — Play as Moon Knight, Moondragon, Moon Boy in one session

38. Defenders (Bronze) — Play as Iron Fist, Daredevil, Jewel (Jessica Jones) and Luke Cage

39. Perfect Pannapictagraphist (Silver) — Unlock and view all 15 Minikit Comic Pages

Tip: Find all 150 Minikits in the levels to unlock the Comic Book Covers in The Collector’s room using our “Lego Marvel’s Avengers Minikits Locations Guide“.

40. Going Knowhere (Silver) — Turn on all Red Brick Extras at the same time

Tip: Where to find all 18 Red Bricks, unlock them & turn them on, is shown in our “Lego Marvel’s Avengers Red Bricks Locations Guide“.

41. Be Worthy (Gold) — Create and play as a Custom Character equipped with Mjolnir

Lego Marvel Avengers PS Vita Trophy List:

1. Shawarma Time (Platinum) — Collect all other trophies

2. True Believer (Gold) — Complete all ”Earth’s Mightiest” challenges

3. Taneleer Tivan Too (Gold) — Complete all ”The Collector” challenges

4. Challenge Accepted (Gold) — Complete all level challenges

5. Extended Universe (Gold) — Unlock all characters

6. Team Player (Gold) — Use all 8 teamwork moves

7. Key to the City (Silver) — Complete all Manhattan and Helicarrier challenges

8. Theta Protocol (Silver) — Unlock all vehicles

9. It’s All Connected (Silver) — Complete all character side missions

10. Hulk Physics (Silver) — Chain together 4 Hyper Jumps as Hulk

11. Wall Power (Silver) — Smash 10 objects using Hulk’s punch on a wall

12. Repulsor Slide (Silver) — Perform a repulsor blast during a landing slide. Use this to smash an object.

13. Hail Hydrant (Silver) — Smash 25 Hydrants in Manhattan

14. Yeah, You Better Run (Silver) — Earn gold ratings in all the Time Trial challenges

15. Hulk Smash (Silver) — Earn a Gold Rating in every Smash Challenge

16. Some Assembly Required (Bronze) — Complete the Prologue Levels

17. Avengers Assembled (Bronze) — Complete the Avengers Assemble Levels

18. No Strings on You (Bronze) — Complete the Age of Ultron Levels

19. Science Bros! (Bronze) — Perform a teamwork move with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner

20. Boom, You Looking For this? (Bronze) — Perform a teamwork move with Iron Man and War Machine

21. How About That? (Bronze) — Defeat 30 enemies using 400% charge attacks

22. Reflected Glory (Bronze) — Defeat 3 enemies at once with the Beam Reflector teamwork move

23. Good Vibrations (Bronze) — Defeat 20 enemies with the Shield Shockwave teamwork move

24. Low-Key (Bronze) — Perform 10 stealth finishers as Loki

25. Ant-y Climax (Bronze) — Defeat 10 enemies as Ant-Man (Classic) while shrunk

26. That’s How Dad Did It! (Bronze) — Defeat 6 enemies at once with Iron Man missiles

27. Bow Selecta (Bronze) — Use all of Hawkeye’s trick arrow types

28. Horse Fly (Bronze) — Throw Beta-Ray Bill with Hulk

29. House Party (Bronze) — Unlock all the Iron Man suits

30. Grand Slam (Bronze) — Smash 10 objects using a Hyper Jump Slam

31. Fly While You Fly (Bronze) — Spawn the S.H.I.E.L.D. Minicarrier on the large helicarrier

32. I Have Powers Too (Bronze) — Smash the piano in Avengers Tower as Hawkeye

33. Fueling Quinjet (Bronze) — Smash the 10 Helicarrier fuel tankers with the Quinjet

34. Heartburn (Bronze) — Perform the ”Heartbreaker” finishing move

35. Driving Me Nuts (Bronze) — Fly the Squirrel-A-Gig as Squirrel Girl

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