Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster Walkthrough

19 January 2016
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Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster Walkthrough

Chapter 3-B: Animal Statues Puzzle, Hunters Battle & Chapter 4: Umbrella Training Facility Revisited, 3 Stone Tablets Locations Guide

Let’s continue our adventure on Resident Evil Zero HD’s Hard Mode. Turn the lights off and prepare to scream!

Animal Statues Room Puzzle Solution: Chapter 3’s last puzzle is solved by lighting the statues in the following order: Deer, Wolf, Horse, Tiger, Snake, Eagle.

Stone Tablet Locations:

Stone Tablet Location #1: Unity Tablet. Located back in the Umbrella Training Facility Basement in the hallway that opens after solving the Animal Statues puzzle. The first tablet is in the bedroom’s fireplace.

Stone Tablet Location #2: Obedience Tablet. Located in the Umbrella Training Facility. From the main hall take the blue door to the water key room, follow the path to the brown door until you reach the piano room. Follow the hallways west, then to the east end, until you reach the room with lots of zombies and a few vices in there. Use the vice handle on the middle vice to find the second tablet.

Stone Tablet Location #3: Discipline Tablet. Located in the Umbrella Training Facility. From the main hall take the main doors to the outside Courtyard, where you’ll immediately see the final stone tablet shimmer on the column. — You’ll need a battery to get there, which you get by having Billy play the piano that opens up a secret passageway to pick it up. — Then put the battery in the elevator slot, and use the large crate you get from doing that and as Billy push it next to the column pillar so you can climb it to pick up the third tablet.

Where to use the 3 Stone Tablets? Go back to the Centurian boss fight room and exit through the double-doors into the Observatory. Take the ladder down to the base of the Telescope to put the Stone Tablets in the empty slots there.

Chapter 5: Umbrella Church

[Work-In-Progress: More chapters coming as soon as they are available]

Thanks to Capcom & Centerstrain for the walkthrough videos.

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