Sumo Gamer Review

Bean bags are generally associated with uncomfortable bum cushions, so when Sumo Lounge touts its Sumo Gamer series bean bags as the “best microsuede (or corduroy) bean bag chair ever for any gamer” you tend to scratch your head in wonder and think “I’ll be the judge of that!” But as we soon found out, it really is “perfect for everyone who’s a gamer!” 😀

Why? The beans are actually not the hard bag-filling beans you’d normally expect. Instead, the filler you get with the Sumo Gamer consists of soft quality furniture foam called polyester fiber that’s already inside a canvas bag. The manual recommends you let the pro-foam insert decompress to absorb air for a day (24 hours) after getting it out of the shipping box to let it fluff out to its maximum size. Once you put the microsuede (or corduroy) bean bag slip-cover around the filler bag, it will almost completely fill it up. And then you can sit down…

In short, the Sumo Gamer bean bag is like getting your bottom seated on a happy cloud! ^_^

It’s super comfortable and better yet, after a month of heavy use it seems like it doesn’t lose its shape, unless you re-arrange it differently yourself by moving around the soft filler inside. So you not only get a comfy seat to lounge in when playing video games, watching TV or reading a tablet, but you also get a little back support (needed when gaming) due to it being firm enough. Hence why it’s called the ‘Sumo Gamer’ and not the ‘Sumo Looking At The Ceiling’, hehe. I put the back of the Sumo against a wall to make sure it stays that way for a little extra support, and on its own putting your bottom down near the front of the bean bag and leaning back also gives the needed back-support — with the filler hardening as it gets balled up to support your weight — if you’re sitting down for more than a few minutes.

This allows you to keep doing those activities for pretty long periods of time (meaning: up to an hour) without getting sleepy-behind-syndrome… you know the feeling I’m talking about! 😉 No issues here whatsoever. Although like with any chair you should obviously stretch your legs and ideally walk around five minutes every half hour or ten minutes every hour.

Final Score:

5 out of 5 Stars. A fantastic, soft bean bag for chilled out gaming.

Sumo Gamer Model

The Gamer Ultimate Video Game Furniture Bullet-points:

Here’s the official overview of the ultimate one-seater bean bag chair for gaming and relaxing.

• The Gamer Video Game Chair Measures 48″ width X 48″ length X 30″ height.
• Removable micro suede kids bean bag cover zips off to machine wash; Keep your Sumo Bean Bag Chair looking as cozy and inviting as the first day you got it with our stain resistant, durable, 100% machine washable covers.
• 15 snazzy colors to choose from for your video game furniture.
•Quick -change your style; In minutes you can remove the Sumo Bean Bag Chair cover and slide on a new one to create a fresh new look.
• This kids bean bag chair stays fluffy and full, will never go flat.
• Made with 100% Polyurethane Foam.
• Perfectly sized for “kids” of all ages.
• Comes with a 5 Year Warranty.

Disclaimer: Sumo Gamer bean bag provided by Sumo Lounge. – We weren’t paid to say we love it, we just do.